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I will not try to escape from the work Thou hast given me

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A work she had to do There were six creations in the past and they were dissolved, as they did not succeed in establishing here the divine sovereignty. The earth carried psychic memory of the failures and had reservation about the present attempt also, says the Mother. But this time it will not be so—particularly when the Supermind has descended and made its station in the earth’s subtle-physical. The work now goes on in the efficacy of the Mantra: “What Thou Willest, What Thou Willest.” But did the Mother discover it, this Mantra, so late in the day, in the seventh creation? If so, why after such a long and tortuous experiment, after much travail and suffering and pain, why it took that kind of a turn? What could have been the occult reason in this late discovery?
One has no knowledge of it, of the pros and cons governing the thousand operations involved in it. But it was in the physical, in the tough obstinate physical, in the physical’s dark and gross mind, rigidly antagonistic and fixed, that she discovered it, the Mantra dynamic and powerful in the very cells of the body. That is its true power. They, the good aspiring cells, began hymning “What Thou Willest, What Thou Willest.” They opened out to the supreme Will and started participating in its joy. Never had it happened earlier.
This happened with the strategic ‘passing away’ of Sri Aurobindo, at 1.26 am on 5 December 1950, the “Death’s tremendous hour”. Sri Aurobindo made a conscious entry into the World of Death. The Mother told Dr Sanyal, Sri Aurobindo and her physician, in the same year, 1950, the following: “People do not know what a tremendous sacrifice Sri Aurobindo has made for the world. About a year ago, while I was discussing things, I remarked that I felt like leaving this body of mine. He spoke out in a very firm tone, ‘No, this can never be. If necessary for this transformation, I might go, you will have to fulfil our Yoga of supramental descent and transformation.’ ” The comment was written down from memory and approved by her afterwards.
Later, she said: “It was this, the work that Sri Aurobindo had given me. Now I understand.” She elaborated it in her conversation, dated 14 March 1970:
…And I see now, I see how his departure and his work so... so vast, yes, and so constant, in the subtle physical, how much, how much it has helped! How much it has (Mother makes a gesture of kneading Matter) helped to prepare things, to change the physical structure. All the experiences that others have had, which were in order to come in contact with the higher worlds, left here below the physical as it is.... How to say it? From the beginning of my life till Sri Aurobindo’s departure, I was in the consciousness that one can go up, one can know, one can have all the experiences (indeed, one did have them), but when one came back into this body... it was the old mental laws, for-mi-da-ble, which ruled things. And then, all these years have been years of preparation—preparation—liberation and preparation, and these days now it has been... ah! the physical recognition, made by the body, that it has changed. It has to be “worked out”, as it is said, it has to be realised in all the details, but the change is done—the change is done. That is to say, the material conditions elaborated by the mind, fixed by it (Mother closes her two fists), that appeared to be inevitable to such an extent that those who had a living experience of the higher worlds thought that one must flee from the world, give up this material world if one wanted to live in the truth (that is the basis of all these theories and faiths); but now it is no longer like that. The physical is capable of receiving the higher Light, the Truth, the true Consciousness and of manifesting it. It is not easy, it needs endurance and will, but a day will come when this will be quite natural. It is just, just the door opened—that is all, now one must go on…
The concern is, the physical life being governed by the higher consciousness, a job which is “difficult… hard… painful”.
But the marvellous thing is: “This body, it is... perfectly peaceful and happy: it is ‘What Thou willest’.” Indeed, unimaginable it is, “How much he has worked since he left! Oh! all the while, all the while.”
Physical transformation, the opening of the physical to the divine Presence—that is the work, a work that can be done only in “What Thou Willest, What Thou Willest.” In it the work of transformation of the consciousness becomes rapid, in it is assured the complete success.
Let us read the Mother’s prayer dated 7 March 1932: “My Lord, I will not try to escape from the work Thou hast given me. Wherever Thou placest my consciousness, it will remain without any attempt to rise to the blissful heights. Even if Thou willest it to be in the mud of the most material nature, it will stay there peaceful and at rest. But wherever it is, it cannot but be without aspiring towards Thee, opening to Thy influence and calling Thee down into itself as the sole reality of its existence.”
Savitri has a work to do. The issue of her soul is, in the face of Ignorance and Death, to hew the ways of Immortality, immortality of the physical. But this has to happen after reckoning all the facts of existence, the spirit’s will and the cosmic forces operating in tandem as well as in opposition. The accomplishment and the victory of the “What Thou Willest, What Thou Willest” lies in Savitri doing the Shakti Yoga under the direct command of the supreme Consciousness-Force herself. There in it is settled her soul’s issue. RYD

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