Friday, April 20, 2007

There is absolutely no basis to claim the integral yoga is not a Religion

Re: Re: 09: Her Mortal Birth by Rich
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Your right Deshpande choosing to believe in the perception of the Avatar is largely an individual and cultural matter. I am also not trying to argue my perception of the matter is the absolute correct one. My view is also very nuanced and may even be conceived as contradictory because while I can very much appreciate the role of the Avatar in the Essays on the Gita I find it unnecessary to posit it into message of the Life Divine
Since I often hear from Devotees that Sri Aurobindo yoga is not a religion (and both he and Mother have also declared this) what I am saying is if one chooses to call Sri Aurobindo an Avatar and elects to believe that he and Mother were direct incarnations of the Divine and advance this argument in discourse, then there is absolutely no basis to claim his integral yoga is not a Religion with a capital R. rc
ps (the statement you refer to in Auroville Today I find just plain silly)

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