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Just replace the word "Savitri" with the word "Mother"

Savitri By Sri Aurobindo Friday, December 28, 2007 [Savitri] The Growth of the Flame by Joydip Chakladar
A key to a Light still kept in being's cave,
The sun-word of an ancient mystery's sense,
Her name ran murmuring on the lips of men
Exalted and sweet like an inspired verse
Struck from the epic lyre of rumour's winds
Or sung like a chanted thought by the poet Fame.
But like a sacred symbol's was that cult.
The quality of experience, of Savitri, in the Human world, becomes richer and richer. And so becomes the subtle use of words. The poetic beauty and the musical rhythm, of this metre, can very well stand, the test of time. Even if Savitri, didn't had any spiritual significance, and mantric powers, which is not the case anyways. The poetry and the musical rhythm, which goes by each metre, could put it, into the category, of the best poetry, ever written on human understandable languages.
I am not basing the inherent logic, of the above statement, on the framework of my belief system towards Sri Aurobindo and Mother. But, being very objective and dispassionate , and with the comparative studies, on different other forms of literary expression, of spiritual experience, I could pretty well say, that lot of the spiritual experience, which have been talked in Savitri, are never been talked in any spiritual literature, till now, as far as I have read. And my reading list, was quite comprehensive, which includes all spiritual literatures, related to early Indian and Chinese traditions, obviously not excluding the western counterparts.
This metre, is also an example of new line of spiritual experience, with a comprehensive manifestation and judicious use of semantics, carrying a very subtle message. The opening line talks about a mystical light which is still now invisible and staying on the 'being's' cave. From there the metre continues, to create new grades of mystery. There is also judicious of the word 'Sun-word'. The 'Sun-word’, or the mantra of the sun, is a very fundamental stuff, for all the civilisation, which existed in earth upto this extent. It is very pervasive, to our existent in earth.
And in this context, author, takes us to the mystical significance of the word "Savitri" who seems to be the daughter of 'Sun-god'. He shows us that how even "Savitri" name is also like an inspired verse which goes on murmuring on the lips of man. And it takes a shape of Sacred symbol, for all of them. The name itself gives the magical solution for a wide range of situation. Now, you might think, that it is just a beautiful poetic description with a high degree of musical rhythm. But wait. Sri Aurobindo, has always more to say, that what we could understand from our thought process.
Just replace the word "Savitri" with the word "Mother". And you can see, he is talking a phenomenon, which is already there among us. For us the name of "Mother", is a magical solution, which could drive away a lot of problem, from our life. It is an inspired verse which keeps us murmuring on the lips of all devotees. Mother, herself described a vision, before her death where he could see, how people from all over the world by uttering her name only, are getting all kinds of spiritual support, they want in their life. She was earlier, little concerned about how the things will be carried on, after her. But, after that, her all concern was gone, and she was very confident, that things should carry on, even if she was not there.
Now after describing this we have only ended with the symbolic portion of the metre. But we have, not really contemplated on the more deeper and subtler message, he is throwing light into. Under this poetic, rhythmic and symbolic metre there is an important message which is carefully wrapped up. That message says, about an ancient yogic process which is known as 'Nam-Japa'. 'Nam-Japa' is a process by which a person attains higher state of spiritual experience by uttering the name which he loves. And that name, becomes a sacred symbol to that person. This doesn't end there. There are more subtler messages which are there which itself will make a book, and, might not be a good idea to discuss on the mailing list.
The message of this metre and all the metres have different levels. The depth of the levels are revealed according to psychological makeup of reader. And the meaning can expand more and more, we go back to the same passage, and read again and again. In fact, Savitri is the knowledge of universe in a compact form. Spread the word Digg Furl Reddit Ask BlinkList blogmarks Google Ma.gnolia Netscape RawSugar Rojo Shadows Simpy Socializer Spurl StumbleUpon Tailrank Technorati Windows Live Wists Yahoo! Help Posted by Joydip Chakladar at 10:53 PM Labels: Growth of Individual soul

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