Monday, December 17, 2007

Miracles are natural happenings in the life of a devotee

Our Indian scriptures are not story books or disposable paperbacks. They are storehouses of knowledge, eternally relevant and universally pertinent...
The court scene of dice vitiates the atmosphere. It is a game of lies where men and women throng to see the worst happening. A court of justice turns into a casino and the eldest daughter-in-law becomes a human stake. Gambling is an addiction inspired by greed and sustained by pride. The gambler does not know that he is not playing but is indeed the victim of foul play. The devotion in Draupadi proves that miracles are natural happenings in the life of a devotee — what sage Aurobindo means when he writes the logic of the infinite is magic for the finite! Mahabharata current account Prema Pandurang FE Home - Story: Sunday , December 16, 2007

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