Friday, December 07, 2007

Savitri and Mother is one and undivided personality

They felt a larger future meet their walk;
She held their hands, she chose for them their paths:
They were moved by her towards great unknown things,
Faith drew them and the joy to feel themselves hers;
They lived in her, they saw the world with her eyes.
What a beautiful metre it is packed with our own experiences....!!
It describes exactly our relationship with Mother. Specially the line "She held their hands, she chose for them their paths:". It's so true for anybody who has felt the presence of Mother. It's very hard to put this experience in words yet it is so true that looking at Mother we feel the larger future which is embracing humanity slowly and gently. It's so great to be part of that larger future of humanity when we see a new human race with a new conciousness evolving from the old.
Sri Aurobindo in this metre, has put this experiences of every common man who loves Mother, so beautifully in words which is almost "next to impossible" to put in words. Every part of experiences in this metre, describes the picture of our meeting with Savitri's presence in the form of Mother. We are move towards great unknown things like supramental transformation, transformation of human race into a divine race. And there is continous growth of faith towards Mother and the joy to be one with her.
And then we reach in a situation where we start seeing the world from Mother's eyes .. a world full of beauty, harmony, peace, bliss and creativity in multifarous direction.
Infact this entire set of metres, help us to come into a very important conclusion that Savitri and Mother is one and undivided personality.

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