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Foolhardy premature attempts at “collective yoga”

Golden jubilee celebrations of Aurobindo Society Assam Tribune
DIGBOI, May 5 – The golden jubilee celebration of the Digboi chapter of Shri Aurobindo Society got under way in a solemn atmosphere on the evening of May 2 ...
The Hindu : Metro Plus Pondicherry - Lifestyle : Threads of life
For 10 years now a quaint little boutique in Auroville has not only been stocking an exotic range of clothes and accessories, but also empowering rural ... Pondy, here I come The Hindu
Auroville: A village. See, breathe and listen to nature at its best. ... Auroville also hosts a number of foreigners who have decided to be a part of this ...
At Auroville, there is the right recipe for harmonious integration. Mix of cultural roots of people exerts an influence on its peaceful co-existence. ... Read more … [9:07 AM]
All life is yoga The Hindu
You could have passed the busy Musheerabad crossroads numerous times and missed the Sri Aurobindo Bhavan, inconspicuously tucked away much like an oasis in ...
One of his teachers at Baroda College was Sri Aurobindo. Munshi later practised in Bombay High Court. Munshi was an active participant in the Indian ...
Towards an Integral Gnostic Community by M Alan Kazlev « Single ... By semadmin 
So I am not saying everyone in Integral Yoga only follows the one thing, absolutely not. And second, Sri Aurobindo and the Mother truly did bring something new, the Yoga of Descent, the Yoga of the Divinisation of the Body and of Matter ...
A critique of the book "The Lives of Sri Aurobindo" by Peter Heehs ... By Raman Reddy 
[The earlier biography of Sri Aurobindo by Peter Heehs published in 1989 was not free from defects as the writer below points out. For that matter, things started going wrong in the early eighties and Jugal Kishore Mukherji took Heehs ...
I do not agree that institutions such as the Ashram should be led by elected leaders since they are not and should not be democratic in formal structure. Other ways of developing leadership and legitimacy need to be followed. Posted by Anonymous to Savitri Era Open Forum at 10:46 AM, May 06, 2010 Sbc Internet Services ( Hayward, California, United States
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Posted by Anonymous to Savitri Era Religious Fraternity at 6:22 PM, May 04, 2010 Aic Network ( Lyon, Rhone-alpes, France
"true" HIS-story? Posted by Anonymous to Feel Philosophy at 7:17 AM, May 05, 2010 Chariot Limited ( Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Cuddalore in Tamil Nadu, Yeddyurappa said he enjoyed visiting Puducherry, ''a city with a pleasant environment and blessed by the great Sri Aurobindo. ...
In a unique collaboration between the California Institute for Integral Studies ( and Matagiri Sri Aurobindo Center (, the Fifth Integral Psychology Conference (IPC) is being held at Menla Mountain Retreat in Phoenicia, NY July 1st-5th... Among the featured speakers attending the conference from India are Dr. Aster Patel and Dr. Alok Pandey. Dr. Patel, a graduate of the Sorbonne, is the daughter of Dr. Indra Sen, a pioneer in Integral Psychology and coined the term. Dr. Pandey has practiced as a psychiatrist for many years in India and is the author of the new book, "Death, Dying and Beyond". Julian Lines Matagiri Sri Aurobindo Center
debbanerji Posted March 29, 2010 at 7:17 am | Permalink
Yes, I agree with your nuancing – it is important to hghlight the fact that it is through individual mutation that there can be any possibility of a gnostic community. Foolhardy premature attempts at “collective yoga” remain at best feel-good gregariousnes expressing the play of mediocrity ambition and guilt and at worst cultic imprisonment constituted by the grammar of identity politics and the rites of brainwashing and mob hysteria. Interestingly, these two poles happily co-exist, in a mutual back-scratrching relation.
Rcarlson Posted March 29, 2010 at 6:12 pm | Permalink
Well exactly what you say here demonstrates its applicability as instanced by recent events in the collective IY community, in which members of one “would be” gnostic community -with a few notable exceptions- provided support to those members of another more orthodox wannabe gnostic community down the road, who were engaging in the cultic persecution of an author of a controversial book.
The mutual backscratching included, not only the failure to speak out against injustice but in continuing to invite to speak at their institutions those very people engaged in a smear campaign against the author. (A smear campaign antithetical to the values of said gnostic community) These invitations provided tacit support to those who incited actions that included threats of mob actions of denunciation and ridicule, threats of violence, instances of actual violence, and trumped up court cases.
Most disheartening was that the leadership of the said gnostic community waited until the matter had by in large been concluded, before even attempting to collectively speak out against the injustice, and when they finally did, under pressure from the notable few, they did so with the most neutrally worded paternalistic statement possible, so as not to upset the feel-good politics of a New Dawn.

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