Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rare songs by Dilip Kumar Roy

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May 11 at Sri Aurobindo Institute of Culture, Regent Park; 4.30 pm: Bhaktavatsala — presentation of some rare songs (recorded) by Dilip Kumar Roy. ...
The Hindu : Book Review - Language Books : Short storiesPrinter Friendly PageSend this Article to a Friend TELUGU Short stories AMBIKA ANANTH SRISUBHA KATHALU: Vauhini Book Trust, 1-9-286/3, Vidyanagar, Hyderabad-44. Rs. 150.
THANKS TO their structure, theme, and technique, Srisubha's stories are quite readable. The narrative is simple and direct, with no pretentions. Many of the stories in this handsome collection, produced with monetary help from his fan-friends, are striking for the way the theme has been treated and the writer's firm grip over the storyline.
In a few cases, one could discern the influence of Sri Aurobindo's thoughts over the writer. Subjects like marriage, love, and friendship are handled delicately, with the touch of an artist. In ‘Sukhantam', Srisubha critiques the pseudo-spiritualism propounded by some ‘gurus' and conveys the message that leading a conscientious and righteous life and taking due care of one's family is in itself a form of penance. “Mitralabham” brings out how true and robust friendship can be an immense source of strength in overcoming challenges in life. It is replete with nuggets of wisdom. Other notable stories are “Heartishtulu” and “Aakupachhani Aaadarsham.”
I follow the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother of Pondicherry. I am an ardent believer in the lessons imparted by The Dalai Lama and Osho of Pune, Guru Nanak. The Sufi philosophy of living is what I try to emulate in my life. Writers that have had a profound influence on me are Bertrand Russell, Somerset Maugham, Guy de Maupassant, La Rochefoucauld among others.
In my country, everything that we know about hinduism, meditation and spirit came through Yogananda and Sri Aurobindo. I donīt know if their names are known ...
Sri Aurobindo's New Yoga & the Inadequacy of Jung'... God Forever Geometrizes · Learning the One ... Vishnu, Sri Aurobindo & the Force of a Secret Unit. ...  In our day and current Age of Aquarius, this KEY of Gnosis has been revealed via the combined or Triune yoga of Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and Patrizia ...

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