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Sri Aurobindo's understanding is universal in its scope

I spoke to a local yoga studio manager, asking if their students learned the historic, philosophical, and metaphysical reasons behind the 'asana', yoga positions. His answer was, "No." Further, he expressed that while his students were learning only a small piece of yoga, in terms of world culture, Americans are in their infancy and not ready for a true and complete study of yoga.
Considering the relatively short time span we have been developing a culture, and an even shorter attention span, it is no wonder that Americans claim to practice yoga yet have not begun to scratch the surface of an ancient multi-layered culture or yoga ritual, tradition, and philosophy that archeologists are now claiming may stretch back as far as eight-thousand years.  It is this fascinating study that we embark upon when reading 'The Synthesis of Yoga'. […]
Sri Aurobindo's understanding was universal in its scope, and here the master yoga teacher and mystic successfully communicates our universal nature, and that considering our lives as anything less can only fall short of the highest mark that creation intended for us.

Shamsukha family is one of the most famous Shaharwali family from Azimganj. They were migrated from Bikaner, Rajasthan to Azimganj. Puranchand  Shamsukha (1882-1967), S/O Mehtabchand and grand son of Sangram Singh was  a renowned scholar of Jainism. He had been in service to Maharaj Bahadur Singh Dugar at his early age and later on he served Nahata family of Jiaganj.
Renowned Bengali story writer Dakshinaranjan Mitra Mazumdar (Thakurmar Jhuli fame) was his close friend. Puran Chand Shamsukha wrote several books on Jainism in Bengali language such as "Jaino Dharmer Parichay", "Jain Tirthankar Mahavira", "Jaino Darshaner Ruprekha" etc. He also translated Jain Agam"Uttaradhyana Sutra" which was published by Calcutta University.
Some of his articles were published in 'Asia' magazine, Bangkok. Renowned linguist and Vice Chancelor of Calcutta university, Dr. Suniti Chatterjee, Dr. Kalidas Nag and Bijoy Singh Nahar were among the editors of "Puranchand Shamsukha abinandan Grantha".

Rishabhchand Shamsukha (1900-1970), his eldest son was also a scholar and meditator. He established "Indian silk house" a famous Saree shop at college street in 1924 for livelihood of his family and left for "Sri Aurobindo ashram", Pondichery at the age of only 31. He lived their rest of his life.
He has written few books about Rishi Aurobindo and his doctrine.
The last one was written inspired by the Mother herself.
Parichand Kothari and Umirchand Kothari were his close friends who also followed path of Sri Aurobindo inspired by him.
Sumatichand Shamsukha, another son of Puranchand Shamsukha was a social server. He adorned the seat of secretaryMurshidabad Sangh and Jain Bhawan, Kolkata. Source: Dilipchand Samsukha, grandson, Puranchand Shamsukha. Posted by Jyoti at 4:11 AM Wednesday, May 19, 2010

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