Thursday, December 09, 2010

Intersection of old and new, East and West

60th death anniversary of Sri Aurobindo observed Hindustan Times Puducherry, Dec 5 PTI
Devotees from all over the country on Sunday paid homage to revolutionary-turned-spiritual leader Sri Aurobindo at his ashram here on the occasion of ...
Spiritual abodes explore emotive, engaging and experiential space Daily News & Analysis Sunday, Dec 5, 2010, 15:49 IST By Yatin Pandya
Matri mandir at auroville has been an epitome of contemporary space making for meditative purposes and spiritual pursuit. This deserves a special mention as it succeeds in doing so without any icon association, but largely on the quality of space. The gold foil fused panels provide the awe.
The ascent culminates in to mysterious chamber where top lit crystal provides the central focus for meditation, while the light radiated through internal reflection of the crystal pervades magically to offer enough darkness not to be distracted by anyone else's presence within the chamber, yet just about bright enough not to trip on any one.
The diffused and dimly lit up space renders the space limitless and mythical by dissolving boundaries of the enveloping surface. Timeless architecture trades on these dualities of time and space, of mind and matter, of the notions and reality, of the microcosm and the cosmos, of the 'conceptual' and 'perceptual'.
Sri Aurobindo emerged in the first decade of the century as a revolutionary leader of the struggle for india's freedom, who electrified the nation through ... 
The prominent philosophy of Sri Aurobindo was especially responsive to the new intersection of old and new, East and West. His clear vision of the role of the spiritual scholar emerged from a synthesis of this massive cultural ...
A Brief Description of 5th—9th December 1950 and some more ... By overmanfoundation
'The Mother then said Sri Aurobindo had lived so long in the Supramental Consciousness that it had come down into His body and made it shine with a golden light. But She added that one could not be sure how long the light would remain ...

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