Monday, December 27, 2010

Rhythmic battlefield

from Sunil to date 25 December 2010 09:06 subject For posting 'Happy Christmas' 

In silence the flame is born, in silence cuts in the ray from above and penetrates the soul and leaves its signature of the beyond. In silence is grasped the wonders of within, in silence are felt the realms deep within. In silence outpours the call for above and unites all that is here and part of that supreme. We are here to be obey the divine’s will, and make this field its rhythmic battlefield. Sway we not for we know the truth, come what may for we are children of the Lord. Let us pick up the sword of the divine warrior within and slash all the ignorance that binds our feet and strike the blow on all the hush hush of the born and plant the seeds of the unborn. 

Who will come and play and take seat in the ship and cast himself to the shores of the ever green, mortality is only a stage to prepare the deity within and love a channel to embrace the race in between. 
The Glorious kingdom awaits thee. Sunil 25th Dec. 2010

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