Monday, December 20, 2010

It will take time for the masses to understand Sri Aurobindo’s yoga

The Pioneer :: Home : Spiritual meet inaugurated RANCHI | Monday December 20, 2010 PNS
Governor MOH Farook on Sunday inaugurated the seminar on ‘Spiritual Discourse’ at Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Doranda. While addressing the seminar, Governor said, “I am delighted to be your midst today which has the feeling of home coming for me. I consider myself truly fortunate to have actually met the divine mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram at Puducherry. I had the opportunity to come in contact with the Ashram and know the methodology of Integral Yoga followed there. I have tried to adhere yogic.
“Sri Aurobindo had been a freedom fighter and a master patriot who later became a master yogi, which is a unique phenomenon in human history with significance for the whole world. Although at the beginning of his life, his main objective was to liberate India from the foreign yoke, his real work started when he wrote - ‘Trust the Divine Power’,” the Governor said.
“Sri Aurobindo’s yoga is beyond religion. He disclosed to the mankind a new way of life which is wonderful and worth attempting but it will take time for the masses to understand because their mind-set is not yet ready for the yogic adventures. People are prone to follow ritualism. Sri Aurobindo’s contribution to humanity will be remembered by posterity for his discovery of yogic methods of following divine life without any need to renounce the worldly life,” he further added.
“I am pleased to see the serene atmosphere of Ashram Cottage. I hope this Society will be able to deliver good work to the State. My good wishes will always be with you,” the Governor concluded.

In the past few days or so, I have been amazed and fascinated by my exposure to a mystical school of thought, the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, and I am undergoing a significant intellectual change of perspective from ...

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