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Sri Aurobindo learnt a lot about expressive skill from the Mother’s writings

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Performance artists Hindustan Times Ramachandra Guha June 06, 2011
Fleeing the colonial police, Aurobindo retreated to the French enclave of Pondicherry where he pursued, more vigorously than it had been possible when he was a revolutionary, the spiritual life. He read, meditated, and wrote. As his search focused further inwards, he gave fewer discourses and met fewer and fewer disciples. … Ramana and Aurobindo did not leave their ashrams for decades on end. 8:02 PM 
Sri Aurobindo became a relaxed guru after 1926. Apart from that, the Mother’s influence might have been a significant force behind the clarity of his post-1926 letters. One suspects he learnt a lot about expressive skill from the Mother’s writings. There is an obvious change in his prose style in the 30s and the progressive clarity reached a supreme height in The Supramental Manifestation on Earth.
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The Force of Consciousness by Miriam   Friday, 03 June 2011
We talked with Loretta, who is going to the USA in a week.  Following her line of service to the Mother, she is invited to lecture in California.  When you serve something, its vibration becomes part of you.  Serving Mother means receiving her consciousness.  Loretta received an inner push to lecture. This started with five talks on the Supramental Transformation connected with her recent exhibition.  Eight presentations in seven weeks will include four of these talks, a talk on Savitri, a question/answer session on Auroville, and a talk to children.  She will speak at the AUM Conference in Lodi, the California Institute of Integral Studies and the Cultural Integration Fellowship in San Fransisco, the East/West Cultural Center in Los Angeles, and Meditation Mount in Ojai. Read more
Auronet Tuesday 7 Jun
Documentary materials available include the Complete Works of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother with search facilities, the Mother's Agenda in the original ...
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