Saturday, June 18, 2011

Talk by Prof. Kittu Reddy and Sandip Majumdar in Kolkata today

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June 18 at Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture, Shivananda Hall; 6pm: Prof. Kittu Reddy will speak in English on Impact of Swami Vivekananda and Sri Aurobindo on Indian Freedom Movement
June 18 at Sri Aurobindo Bhavan, 8 Shakespeare Sarani; 6pm: Sandip Majumdar will speak on Manab-Sampad Unnayan Prasange Sri Aurobindo
As the "integral" becomes a reality of our creative imagination and we explore this new dimension, how do we move toward realizing the integral being? What are the steps on the way? What is this quality of consciousness, of knowing, feeling, willing, and acting? Does this process create a field around us that changes the very texture of life and draws others into it? This interaction and the drawing of all into a single, complex process—is this the way of the future?
Aster Patel was raised in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry, and studied at the International Center of Education there, where she now teaches. She completed her PhD in comparative philosophy at the University of Paris IV (Sorbonne). The title of her dissertation was "A Comparative Study of the Philosophies of Sri Aurobindo and Henri Bergson." She was invited to hold the Sri Aurobindo Chair of Philosophy at Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, and she received the Sri Aurobindo Puraskar award in 2005. She has published papers on philosophy, integral psychology, education, and yoga; and she is the author of "The Presence of Time." She has been engaged in the experiment of Auroville for over three decades and is a member of the governing board of the Auroville Foundation. 
Video Conferencing facility gains ground at Gauhati HC Law et al. News 18.06.2011 | 00:58 Guwahati
A review petition of 2009 "YMCA vs. Holy Mother Aurobindo Ashram" filed in the Shillong Bench was heard on Thursday through video conferencing by the Bench of Justice BK Sharma and Justice AC Upadhya of Gauhati High Court sitting in the Principal Bench in Guwahati while the parties and their respective counsels represented by senior advocate VK Jindal, advocate S. Chakraborty and A. Thangkhiew argued the case from the Shillong Bench.
After hearing the arguments, the High Court passed its "judgment" disposing off the matter by rejecting the petition within an hour. The review petition was filed by the Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) against a judgment by the same bench in 2009 regarding a land dispute with Aurobindo Ashram.
foster human values so that Auroville children can become responsible ... Transition School is a primary and middle school that serves the Auroville ...

PURANIC COSMOLOGY UPDATED: The Partition of India, its cause, its ...
Sri Aurobindo warned the powers-that-be and the population in his broadcast ...Sri Aurobindo warned the nation on 15 August – his own birthday – in 1947: ...
I don't know what rhythm they use now, nor have I read what Sri Aurobindowrote in The Future Poetry. They tell me that Savitri's verse follows a certain ...
Sri Aurobindo has systematically followed the evolution of consciousness from the foundation in Matter, through the development of Life, and eventually the ...
Imagine for a moment that you knew the future. Doesn’t that seem a good thing? You could relax and work without getting stressed out; you could plan ahead and direct your energies only in those paths that you know would lead to success; you could avoid all those intransigent people who keep trapping you in some debilitating vortex of time. There would be no wastage of energy, no error, no agonizing in hindsight over missed opportunities. What a utopian world it would be! But counter-intuitive as it seems, Sri Aurobindo and the Mother Mirra Alfassa offered some legitimate reasons as to why the future is deliberately hidden from us. Continue reading 
The phrase “Savitri Era” needs to be popularised for easy identity “for all Sri Aurobindo and Divine Mother followers” and Jitendra, through his blog, ...
If this is she of whom the world has heard, Wonder no more at any happy change. Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother. ...
But counter-intuitive as it seems, Sri Aurobindo and the Mother Mirra ... Sri Aurobindo offered a similar non-committal response in another situation: ...
Manoj Das born in Balasore in 1934 and has been in transformation from a lecturer to a great Writer and Professor of English in Sri Aurobindo International ...
S A K S I is a Spiritual movement. The aim is to spread the message of Veda and SriAurobindo, which imparts awarenessto lead a beautiful, harmonious, creative and happy life, individually and collectively.
AurovilleTV is a visual reflection of the life in Auroville. It is an experiment in visual communication.
Auronet Saturday 18 Jun
Workshop / 2011-06-18 10:00 Making math easy
Class / 2011-06-18 10:30 Class for children
Class / 2011-06-18 16:00 Reading Savitri at Savitri Bhavan
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