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The Mother’s group for collective meditation

Compiler’s Notes FEBRUARY 2005 The Golden Chain
A.B. Purani’s note of 2 September 1926 is the earliest reference to the Mother’s collective meditations. When the Mother started meditating with a few sadhikas in Sri Aurobindo’s room, the meditations with Sri Aurobindo had not yet stopped. Thus, for some time, both Sri Aurobindo and the Mother meditated with their respective groups of disciples. According to Haradhan Bakshi’s diary, Sri Aurobindo’s collective meditations continued right up to the Siddhi Day. The Mother then took charge of all the disciples and presided over the collective meditations.
Champaklal was the first sadhak to join the Mother’s group for collective meditation which, in the beginning, was meant only for ladies. Pavitra and Rajani Palit followed suit in the month of October and Haradhan Bakshi in November. Thus there was a growing recognition of the Mother as a spiritual guide among the disciples even before the Siddhi Day, so that it was not difficult for them to accept her as such after Sri Aurobindo retired.
It should be noted that in the case of Pavitra and Haradhan Bakshi whose records are available to us, the Mother first meditated individually with them before permitting them to attend her collective meditations. They first took permission through Sri Aurobindo to meditate individually with her and found it so beneficial that they asked the Mother’s permission to attend her collective meditations. 

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