Monday, March 12, 2007

The Mother's voice and Sunil's music

Re: Meditations on Mother's 'Savitri' readings now on SCIY rjon Sun 11 Mar 2007 04:55 PM PDT
Dear RY, Per your suggestion, here are the Savitri meditations based on the recordings of the passages of the Mother's voice and Sunil's music organized by Narad. I've combined some of the short Cantos and split some of the longer ones, which resulted in a total of 53 sessions averaging 35 minutes each (ranging from 20 - 45 minutes.) For permanent reference, this link is now available in the Priority frame halfway down the left-blue column on SCIY's Main Page. Namaste, ~ ron
SAVITRI Meditations (Mother's voice & Sunil's music)
by rjon on Sun 11 Mar 2007 04:38 PM PDT Permanent Link
SAVITRI Meditations (by Canto)Mother's Voice & Sunil's MusicTotal of 54 Sessions (35 minutes avg.)Sessions: # Canto Length (min.)1
Book I Canto I 402 Book I Canto II 383 Book I Canto III 434 Book I Canto IV.a 435 Book I Canto IV.b 436 Book I Canto V.a 337 Book I Canto V.b 348 Book II Canto I 289 Book II Canto II 3310 Book II Canto III 2611 Book II Canto IV 4012 Book II Canto V.a 3413 Book II Canto V.b 3414 Book II Canto VI 4215 Book II Canto VII-VIII 3316 Book II Canto IX-X 4717 Book II Canto XI 2218 Book II Canto XII-XIII 3019 Book II Canto XIV-XV 3120 Book III.a 3921 Book III.b 4022 Book IV Canto I.a 2623 Book IV Canto I.b 2624 Book IV Canto II 2825 Book IV Canto III 3226 Book IV Canto IV.a 4427 Book IV Canto IV.b 4428 Book V Canto I-II 3729 Book V Canto III.a 3730 Book V Canto III.b 3831 Book VI Canto I.a 3732 Book VI Canto I.b 3833 Book VI Canto II.a 3034 Book VI Canto II.b 3035 Book VII Canto I-II 4736 Book VII Canto III.a 3037 Book VII Canto III.b 3038 Book VII Canto IV.a 3539 Book VII Canto IV.b 3540 Book VII Canto V.a 3541 Book VII Canto V.b 3542 Book VII Canto VI 4443 Book VII Canto VII 1744 Book VIII.a 3145 Book VIII.b 3146 Book IX Canto I.a 3647 Book IX Canto I.b 3648 Book IX Canto II.a 4149 Book IX Canto II.b 4150 Book X Canto I-III.a 3151 Book X Canto I-III.b 3152 Book X Canto IV.a 3453 Book X Canto IV.b 34 ----53 sessions @ 35 min. avg. => 40 hrs. Print Article --> Posted to: Main Page 42 Book X Canto IV

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