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Savitri is the Guide or Reference Book of Integral Yoga

THE MOTHER'S CHILD Mar 15 (2 days ago) The Supreme is known by many names. One among them is Infinite – Ananta. “Infinite’s night” means once again the state of “huge foreboding night” which prevailed before the creation of this cosmos, or in shortly the Death itself. Savitri has to measure or in other words confront this night of Infinite, just with aid of Her “nude spirit”, that is by Her Spirit alone. The great and dolorous moment now was close. The “great” but “dolorous” moment when She must achieve all this has come very closer.
A mailed battalion marching to its doom, The last long days went by with heavy tramp, Long but too soon to pass, too near the end.
These last days before this destined day, for Savitri, were like “A mailed battalion” marching towards “doom” or destruction. She was aware of this day, this moment, and spent the last days with a “heavy tramp” with grief and pain. In such times even an hours seems like a whole day. But at the end She also feels at this moment that these days were “too soon to pass” and that She is “too near the end”, that is very less time left the adventurous task. Like this for all of us it becomes that Savitri is the Guide or Reference Book of Integral Yoga! Some objections may be raised over here. Why Savitri has to do all this when She is the Universal Divine Mother? Why She has to abide by the laws, which for us?The answer is that even an Avatar will never go against the laws when in this material world, because they are stipulated by Himself. Therefore He follows them. He does change these rules, provided it is a part of his mission. The same applies to Savitri.
THE MOTHER'S CHILD Mar 15 (2 days ago) MY SINCERE THANKS My Sincere thanks to all my friends and my namaskaars to my mentors who helped me to overcome all the difficulites during the write up of this thread. My friends and brothers Srivatsa, Vadiraj, Unknown M helped me get through some works of Sri Aurobindo which are very rare to find. My mentors like Sri Barinda and Sri M V Nadkarni, who gave their guidance to overcome all my doubts and cleared those clouds. My sincere prayers in the Lotus Feet of The Mother for all the Consecration and Delight in your life. References:
1. Sri Aurobindo's Savitri : An Approach and a Study by Sri A B Purani.
2. The Book of Beginning [b/] by Sri M P Pandit.
3. A Savitri Dictionary by Sri Rand Hicks.
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