Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Mother's quotes organized by Savitri's Books and Cantos

Transcriptions of 'Savitri' quotes in the Mother's Voice are now available
by rjon on March 26, 2007 05:55PM (PDT)
When I started listening seriously to the quotes of the Mother's voice located here on SCIY, I realized that I often couldn't understand all of her words. I also wanted to be able to hear them in the context of the parts of Savitri that she was reading and this wasn't easily accessible on Narad's excellent "SavitribySriAurobindo.com" website.
So, I've now posted transcriptions of each of the Mother's Savitri quotes. You can view them by going to SCIY's list of: "Direct links to contents of each of "Short Stanza" folders"At this location, each of the Mother's quotes are organized by Savitri's Books and Cantos. Clicking on any of the Cantos will bring you to a list of "Stanzas," the actual recordings of the Mother's voice reading short Savitri segments aloud.
You can listen to each one via the included audio players. To read the typed transcription of each of the quotes as you listen to them, simply click on the "more >" link as indicated. I've started each transcription with the Mother's quoted words, generally the first one or two sentences. In many cases, I've continued the quote for a few additional sentences, to provide context for the Mother's words. Enjoy,~ ron

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