Tuesday, May 08, 2007

How to maintain peace in tough times

Apr 15 Dear Sir, We are greatful to you for providing aus an insight to the subtle issue related to the Science or physics and metaphysics.Science - a methodical study depending on emphirical methods of finding a solution to the problem, works well below the level of Consciousness in which the NExt Evolution has been initiated by The Mother and Sri Aurobindo. Therefore it is beyond the limits of Science to experience the same. Only those people who can transcend themselves t a little higher consciousness than of the science can experience the same.
Apr 15 A query when it comes to this material world, every one is having some what different levels of consciousness and or in other words different levels of inconscience also! (Ref: Purusha Sukta) there are some people who do not accept the advent of Supramental Consciousness. they even say such thing do not exhist at all. and they dwell in this "so called" "conscious" approach of science. there are people who have got some glimpses of this Adventure but fail to recognze and identify it. there are people who have realized it but not taking part in it.so can we conclude that we have to climb all these stages on the route to the Next Evolution? or there is a another way out? Please guide us regarding this sir.
May 5 (3 days ago) To all my friends here TheMothers Child has made a interesting and valuable query and I will answer it very soon. As I was out of headquarters for some time and there were some important works to attend to, I could not be available here, and the threads were discontinued. Also there was the disturbing news of Satprem's physical withdrawal. I will continue with everything soon and will answer all querries. Barin Chaki 05-05-2007
May 6 (2 days ago) Dear Sir, I have been following ur scraps in "In search for light" community. Its a valuable one. I would be happy if u could post more on the ways to worship ma & wat is expected from us. How to overcome your tough times. How to maintain peace in tough times.

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