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They form a bridge to further human evolution

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Suggest the sequence to read Sri Aurobindo's book
8/31/05 Suggest the sequence to read Sri Aurobindo's book hi all, I got a question from a person few days back Hi :) Saw you on Sri Aurobindo's community. I have a couple of questions...Do you know if he gives practical steps to follow integral yoga? Also, do you suggest a sequence in which to read his books? Thanks,
My answer to this query :There is no definition for a thing to be judged as practical/impractical. At least Integral Yogas was practical for Sri Aurobindo, so it's practical. I can suggest you a list of books (very thin books to start with) 1. Bases of Yoga 2. Elements of Yoga 3. Lights on Yoga 4. More Lights on Yoga 5. The Yoga and Its object
One very thin book if you want to know about Ashram and its object "The Aims and Ideas behind Sri Aurobindo Ashram"
11/27/05 The "Syntesis Of Yoga" I believe that Sri Aurobindo explains very well what is the syntesis that he did of Jnana, Karma and Bhakti Yogas in this book. It can also be a very good introduction to his thought and a way to understand the traditional lines and Purna Yoga itself.
12/1/05 one thing i would like to know that those persons who are answering the question with a jeal does they really know somthing about integral yoga. well "i put forth a question do any body know r practicise integral yoga in this community?"
10/8/06 integral yoga yoga in the words of aurobindo is way of life, so we must understand one thing there are many in this nation as well as in abroad who has got a Rhishihood way of life. all those practioner can be called as integral yogi thus they form a bridge to further human evolution which aurobindo calls as godly man
10/8/06 the sequence of book to understand aurobindo the sequence of books to understand aurobindo need not confined to aurobindo alone "have a reading over mother, gita , commentry on gita by dhayananda saraswathi arsha vidhyalaya gurukulam coimbature, swami vivekananda, sri ramakrishna, chinmaya maharaj, "and above all these sit for meditation, to have atleast a little understanding of Sri Aurobindo with this little effort in the path of sprituality, as a true seeker aurobindo himself will dawn in us for further doughts in integral yoga
10/18/06 I believe , the whole of Sri Aurobindo's teaching is in Savitri. Its an epic that contains all. If you can live savitri there's nothing else you need to do or Read
Sayan... nai ba
10/25/06 My sugesstion is to start with the book "The Mother". Its really a nice book to understand his messages.
10/27/06 How to Read Sri Aurobindo I advise always to read a little at a time, keeping the mind as tranquil as one can, without making an effort to understand, but keeping the head as silent as possible, and letting the force contained in what one reads enter deep within. This force received in the calm and the silence will do its work of light and, if needed, will create in the brain the necessary cells for the understanding. Thus, when one re-reads the same thing some months later, one perceives that the thought expressed has become much more clear and close, and even sometimes altogether familiar. It is preferable to read regularly, a little every day, and at a fixed hour if possible; this facilitate the brain-receptivity. The Mother
10/29/06 It's surprising no one has yet mentioned the definitive biography by Satprem, "Sri Aurobindo or the Adventure of Consciousness". It's a brilliant and inspired writing, and gives the reader a very good introduction to the Master's real work.
10/31/06 Someone suggested this sequence:1. The Mother. 2. Synthesis of Yoga. 3. Essays on Gita. 4. Life Divine.

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