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I have been staying in the consciousness of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother

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9/19/05 Let us introduce ourselves Hi All, Let us have an intro round so that evryone on the group can know lilbit abt other grp members. Myself : Rishi Kant B. Tech. from IT-BHU - Varanasi(India)HomeTown : Varanasi - The holy city and one of the oldest city known.Presently working in Infosys - Bangalore(India).Highly inspired by MahaRISHI Sri Aurobindo.My 9 days visit to Pondycherry ashram is my most peaceful time ever.
10/27/05 introduction I am a brazilian musician that heard about sri Aurobindo throu a German dancer who lived in India/ Auroville - his name was Rolf Gelewski and he met Mother during the 60's. Back to Brazil he fouded Casa Sri Aurobindo, a community in Bahia, northest of Brazil.Fortunatelly, I had the chance to go to India many times to be in contact, in a direct contact w. many disciples in AV. and also in Pondicherry and Mumbai. I just regret that the teachings of Sri Aurobindo have been used in my country in a very distorted manner bye some of his followers.
12/5/05 hihiI am Paramasivan I am doing my engineering degree in chennaiI am really inspired by the great saint Sri Aurobindo who lived in India.Sri Aurobindo is the only one person who found the supramental force that was present abundantly on earth.I am really happy to be a part of this group.I look forward to learn many things about the great saint through u friends.
1/16/06 hi,myself Anupama.i'm very new to orkut.i've completed my b.tech in 2005.basically i'm from bhubaneswar but currently working in atos origin,mumbai.i know abt Sri Aurobindo from my child hood,thanx to my parents.i love to make friends with the people who knows Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.
1/16/06 Dear brothers and sisters,I am Abhishek Gautam, a final year student of IIT KAnpur ,mechanical engg...I have been deeply inspired by the teachings of the great MahaRishi Aurobindo,His each and every word about Mother India and her divine mission for the welfare humanity gives me a lot of motivation and sense of direction..He along with Swami Vivekananda are the fathers of Hindu renaissance in Modern Indian.. Their words about the inevitable realisation of Reestablishment of India as JagadGuru in the future will continue to inspire generations of humanity..
2/24/06 Hi All, This is Varun. I am deeply moved by the teachings of Sri Aurobindo. It's really unfortunate that such great teachings as of his and Swami Vivekananda are not duly imparted to students in India from childhood. But Truth will find its way, no matter what!Glad to be in this community.
3/8/06 hihimy self greatly influence by the teaching of aurobindo basically 4m hirakud now studying in bangalore
4/9/06 Hi I am Saswata. BTech from Tripura University and now presently working in Infosys Mysore.I came to know about Sri Aurobindo from my very childhood from my father who was a joint secretary in the asram in tripura. I hav visited pondi asram many times.I try to follow the path of truth,sincerity and surrender laid down by the Master Sri Aurobindo.I think the mordern culture is full of falsehood and we r projecting our selves outward while we shud be more inner centric. From films to disco r parties, all imparts a bad effect in the minds of the younger generation and thus badly imparting of the future spiritual aspect of the country.
Leo Frobenius
4/11/06 I'm a brazilian economist from Salvador, Bahia. I actually belong to an ioga group here inspired in Sri Aurobindo's teachings. My real name is Creomar Baptista.
aravind in ....
4/21/06 hi ppl iam ARAVIND .i know sir aurobindo since chidhood cos of my mom and we vivsit his ashram at pondicherry every year
Myself Iam sarathi sabyasachi sahoo..Doing engg. in computer sc. branch, final year...I have a high belief on Sri MAA & Sri Aurobindo....I have studied frm standard 1 to 10th from Sri Aurobindo school in orissa........
5/10/06 Hi AllI'm Sathya from chennai, Currently i'm working in Software Industry as Software Engineer.I'm with mother and Sri Aurobindo for past 12-13 yrs.Sathya
5/13/06 Introduction hi i am kuldeep here currently working for accenture in mumbai. his philosophy is Highly influencing and motivating. Though i have hardly understood any but great truth is hidden in it which i will definately get some day or other
5/21/06 Ramanuja from Varanasi
6/2/06 Hi Am Shruti, I thought of making a community on orkut but found this. Glad to be a part of it. I am devotee of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo since childhood. am born and brought up in the spiritual atmosphere. i try to imbibe all the qualities which the masters have taught. Although i haven't read much of what the masters have written. We have a huge library at home with all the works of the masters and everything written on them.i have been staying in the consciousness of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. Now I have decided to take up an online course from Pondichery, established by Dr.Reddy. it starts from August. the website is www. Sri Aurobindo Darshan-the University of tomorrow.comCheck out for yourselves. its interesting.
miracle :
6/15/06 hey ,i am priya .i am trying to understand sri aurobindo ,,he already knew,, all that is to come and go.
6/16/06 hi allHi this is harini. Basically iam a devotee of the mother and shri Aurobindo for the past 15 yrs. Many incidents took place in our home in and around.... and it the MOTHER who saved and guided us to a good position... Those who have a strong belief in the MOTHER ll always be in a protected state and have a motivated and cheerful life forever..." LET ALL THYSELF BE BLISS"SHE LL BE ALWAYS THERE FOREVER."keep a steady faith in life it is the only safety for us"lets chant and have this mantra in mind..."OHM NAMO BHAGAVATHE SHREE ARAVINDHAAYA"
6/19/06 Hi iam Rohit...Iam studying Engineering in HYD and iam a devotee of Sri Aurobindo.My Grandfather Translated most of Savitri into Telugu from English and that gave me a background onto it....iam feelin gr8 to be part of this.....i would like frenz who are a part of this...bye
6/22/06 hi,myself an ayurvedic doctor continuing my pg study at puri.from my childhood i m inspired by the words of sri aurobindo and the mother.
7/2/06 Hi!I am Priya.I knw Sri Aurobindo and The Mother for nearly 8 yrs now.I am greatly inspired by both and strongly beleive tht its they who guide me in all my steps.I work for Cognizant currently in US.Happy to be part of this group.

Introduction Mothers Grace.I'm a strong beliver of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo's Teachings. Im working in singapore and we have Mother Centre here.
8/11/06 HI..Hi,brothers and sisters.I am Shashank from hyderabad,going to join 1st year b.tech in vasavi engeneering college,hyd.I know "THE MOTHER AND SRI AUROBINDO" since childhood as i studied in "SRI AUROBINDO CENTENERY SCHOOL",TADPATRI{anantapur(dist)}.
8/20/06 Hihi..this is sidharth from leicester uk.i am working here.basically i am from orissa in india.i have been following sri aurobindo and sri maa since childhood and visit the ashrams regularly.i have read lots of books by sri maa but the books of sri aurobindo is a bit difficult to comprehend.if someone could simplify the concepts a bit furthee,i guess that would be useful.i got introduced to sri aurobindo by my mother who is an avid follower herself.her dad and my grand-dad used to have study circles or path-chakras all over orissa.i feel really blessed that i was introduced to sri aurobindo and hope to comprehend his teachings further and follow his concept of life and humanity.
8/28/06 hello friendsi am dipal. i am new in orkut and entered this forum today. im a chemical engineer working in an oil refinery in assam. i came to know about sri aurobindo and mother thru my cousin bro and sis-in-law. initially i was skeptic and just bought one book when iwent to visit pondy. after 3 years i opened the book and found what i was looking for was in the book. Though i am not strictly a follower but maybe when its time i will be . i hope and wish u all that u find the truth soon. bye and take care.
8/30/06 jay shri arvind jay shri matajihi friends,am vashishtmy whole family follows the footsteps of shri aurobindo and shri matajiinfact i studied in The Mother's Schoolthe school runs on the philosophy of shri aurobindo and shri matajiregards,vashisht chellani
Ravi Kiran
9/9/06 HiHi This is Ravi KiranCompleted my BTech and now working as a Software Engineer I'm proud to say that i am a student from Sri Aurobindo International School here in Hyderabad right from nursery till 10th What enlightened me more was the visit to ashram in Pondichery and the meditation hall at Auroville I'm proud to say that i'm a follower of some of the teachings of Sri Aurobindo
9/9/06 Only TruthHi all!I am Pratyush.I just(more than any thing else in this earth or elsewhere) believe in "The Mother and SriAurobindo".I have faith in "The Mother and SriAurobindo", that nothing is impossible in this earth to achieve.We need total surrender of whatever we have,to the Lotus Feet of the "The Divine Mother and SriAurobindo".Have this faith and self belief and then feel the difference in your Lives.
9/16/06 introHi i am sajanish.doing my btech at nit calicut.mechanical engineering.....i read some of his works and was deeply interested in his teachings and i am a fan of him....looking forward to some contacts from simlar minded fellowsthanks
9/26/06 pranamsiam muthu vaduganthan,who did my school in madurai,tamil nadu which was named as "aurobindo and mira"thsu i was inclined to read aurobindo,and thus iam ....to understand aurobindo ,i read mother mira and swami vivekananda and thus now iam able to get him little more than i was.
9/26/06 i am sudiptahi all,i am sudipta.i was a student of sri aurobindo integral edu, centre, tahrpur,jajpur,orissa.now i am working in as an associate manager in a company after completing my B. E. in electrical.from my childhood i know the mother & sri aurobindo. i read different books of the mother & sri aurobindo.now trying for the over all improvementof my school.

intro: hi!..iam ashwini..my native is tenkasi.,now iam doing my MCA I year in Thiagarajar engg college madurai..all of my family members including me are the sincere devotees of sri aurobindo annai since 1995,i came to know about aurobindo ashram by my aunt who is living in pondicherry.i had visited pondi ashram four times,whenever i visit ashram,i feel very happy,and a peaceful mind,whenever i feel sad and depressed,i pray to annai,always victory to me by the blessings of MA.mother is always with me....
9/28/06 Hi I'm Subhajit Rakshit final engineering student....I'm from West Bengal.....I'm inspired by Risi Aurobindo
9/29/06 Weel let's goI'm Gilberto! Ilive in Brazil My profission it's nursing. I found for friends around the world than please add me!! I want to change ideas about de pace !!
9/29/06 Hi,I am Aniruddha. Graduated in Computer Engineering in 1999. Deeply influenced by Vedanta philosophy and like to work for special children. Needless to say why I am in this grp!Best wishes
10/4/06 hiHi i am ayurvedic consultant and am follower of Sri Aurobindo's philosphy.He was great great saint on earth .
12/4/06 Hey!!I’ve been devoted 2 The Mother & Sri Aurobindo for many many many lives ~~~ that’s what I feel ~~~ I was not keen on joining Orkut Community for the past 1 year. I was always with the impression ~~ ‘ki yaar this is just another chat site, & has nothing more 2 offer!’ my bad! lol. This year, out of the blue I just felt, let’s just join n see wazzup! Then, I came across The Mother’s and Sri Aurobindo’s communities....& I was zapped! I still am -----> Can say, They guided me here
12/5/06 I am Satyabrata Datta, a Chartered Accountant hailing from Dombivli Maharashtra...... I am single and 33 years of age.....I stay at Dombivli with my mother. My cell no. 9821806814
12/5/06 I am Nandajanduring in journey like exodus through philosophy and literature, Savitri cast a real spell. And then comes the warmth and nonconventional way of interpretation of vedas and upanishads where Aurobindo stands against the view point of Sankara, there, I became a fan not a devotee not a followerI have a B tech, MBA, MCA MA in philosophy
12/6/06 Hi,I am Veeresh, doing MBA in Bangalore. Sir Aurobindo is my Teacher..
12/9/06 MotherHi I am Sankar working in ERP navision in chennai. i am a mother devotee since my child hood.my mobile no:9841613893.

ellam --------
hai frenz this is MURALI, an engg. student from chennai. i've been inspired by Sri Aurobindo right from my childhood.
12/10/06 Om HI, I am Prabhat from Berhampur orissa now in Mumbai working as System Admin, I came to know Sri Aurobindos Philosophy from my uncle And my brother who is devotee of sri Aurobindo ......
12/14/06 MyselfI am Jishnu , A chartered accountannt presently in Bangalore , Since my childhood I am in touch with the Books of Mother and Sri Aurobindo . My family is devoted to Ma and Sri Aurobindo for 3 generations .
ashok kumar
12/16/06 About MeHai Friends,I am Ashok kumar. I have done my Software Engineering.AIM : To became a great business man (Searching to Start a BPO Firm)Mother has given me permission to prey her from my 9th Standard.I pray for Mothers Grace to all our Group members and for the Entire World.OM Namo Pagavadae OM Annaiayaya Namaga Om Aravindaya Namaga
1/1/07 hiwell m tapas n m doin engineering in electronics n telecommunication frm sist chennai.there are some great personalities whom we can only follow but cant b like them,sri maa(the mother) and sri aurobindo baba may illuminates our life.and a very happy new yr to all of u out there god bless ye .
Jan 8 Hello Hi All; I am Kausik - I am extremely fortunate to be part of this group.I am looking forward to interact with all of you.You can visit my page to know more bout me but if you need to know , pls. drop a note.Yes - I am a sincere and humble devotee of Sri Aurobindo & Mother.
Mar 6 Hi,This is saranya sundar. I knew abt mother when i was too young but started feeling her presence since my 9th class and until now she has always been with me in every walk of my life. I was really blessed to get married to a person who and also who's family has complete faith in Mother and Aurobindo. .Its nice to meet so many such people on this community:-))
Mar 9 HiI am shubha from delhi doing my BE 2nd year from chennai
Mar 17 Hi all I am a spirtuallly oriented person living my life with spiritual growth as top most priority.During my spiritual growth I have been blessed by sri aurobindo and Mother on higher level of consciousness and I know how their blessings have helped me. I think other mundane details like name, age. profession dont matter once u enter true spiritual life right?Love to all
Mar 17 i am amanish iyer.....from sheaoraphuly hooghly in west bengal.......i am a sayan sevak of rss...and our one of the ideal person is risi arabinda......i am fond of him..i respect him huge...rss try to convey the concept of akhand bharat
Luv s like river
Hi I am Kousal Ram doing my II-yr Coll in Chennai.... I love Hearing Music, Dancing, Watching cricket.... I am 1 of the Hardest devotee of Mother... Well nothing more to say abt me... Want some more plz see my profile!!!
Mar 31 Om Namho Bhagawatee Sri AurovindayaHello I'm Suvasini(a)Preeti, hoemtown TN, India, but brought up in Mulund,Mumbai currently married & settled at US, but still a Great Beliver in THE MOTHER--Annai-Mother MIRA ALFASSA & SRI AUROBINDO
Apr 1 victor1no words act. chk rofile.
Apr 1 oops!oops! that was profiles.
Apr 4 heythiz z varsha....am doin ma first yr msc.cst in wcc......im a true devotee to ma n dad....i strongly believe them n their words.....so i do u guyz......im really glad that i joined thiz community......
Apr 10 hihello everybody, pranams in the name of mother. I'm Sujatha from vellore, a true believer of Mother and Sri Aurobindo, I and my family are devotees of Mother for past 15 yrs and i thank Mother for being beside me for each and every step i take and guiding me as a light in darkness.
Apr 15 HII am MOUSUMI.I am doing my engineeringdegree inW.B.I know about SRI AUROBINDO and SRIMA from my childhood.MY father was stay in ASRAM 12years.i hav visited pondichery ASRAM many times.ME and my family members are greatly inspired by boyh and strongly belive that they guide us in our all way.
I like people
Apr 20 hiiiiHiII I m gautam joshi from porbander doing CA...i m in final CA right now....appearing in May '08 exams...........im from porbander.....
Apr 20 I am anusha and have been beiliving in Mother since childhood. Have been introuduced to Mother by my mother. I get loads of peace,strength and an amzing energy whenever i visit Aurobindo ashram.Glad to see so may like minded people.
May 3(5 days ago) Well, I am sreeram and in all honesty, I dont know much about Aurobindo. I have heard briefly about his transformation from being a militant to a sage - but thats where my knowledge ends. Would love to know more about his teachings and beliefs on various aspects of life - like, religion, spirituality, atman, life etc. Mother's photo I have seen in several places - She apparently appeared to my dad one fine day in his room (almost a year back) and with loving affectionate eyes looked at him for several minutes. I think someone should start a discussion on various topics around his teachings.

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