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The Mother's quotes organized by Savitri's Books and Cantos

Transcriptions of 'Savitri' quotes in the Mother's Voice are now available
by rjon on March 26, 2007 05:55PM (PDT)
When I started listening seriously to the quotes of the Mother's voice located here on SCIY, I realized that I often couldn't understand all of her words. I also wanted to be able to hear them in the context of the parts of Savitri that she was reading and this wasn't easily accessible on Narad's excellent "SavitribySriAurobindo.com" website.
So, I've now posted transcriptions of each of the Mother's Savitri quotes. You can view them by going to SCIY's list of: "Direct links to contents of each of "Short Stanza" folders"At this location, each of the Mother's quotes are organized by Savitri's Books and Cantos. Clicking on any of the Cantos will bring you to a list of "Stanzas," the actual recordings of the Mother's voice reading short Savitri segments aloud.
You can listen to each one via the included audio players. To read the typed transcription of each of the quotes as you listen to them, simply click on the "more >" link as indicated. I've started each transcription with the Mother's quoted words, generally the first one or two sentences. In many cases, I've continued the quote for a few additional sentences, to provide context for the Mother's words. Enjoy,~ ron

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Savitri is the Guide or Reference Book of Integral Yoga

THE MOTHER'S CHILD Mar 15 (2 days ago) The Supreme is known by many names. One among them is Infinite – Ananta. “Infinite’s night” means once again the state of “huge foreboding night” which prevailed before the creation of this cosmos, or in shortly the Death itself. Savitri has to measure or in other words confront this night of Infinite, just with aid of Her “nude spirit”, that is by Her Spirit alone. The great and dolorous moment now was close. The “great” but “dolorous” moment when She must achieve all this has come very closer.
A mailed battalion marching to its doom, The last long days went by with heavy tramp, Long but too soon to pass, too near the end.
These last days before this destined day, for Savitri, were like “A mailed battalion” marching towards “doom” or destruction. She was aware of this day, this moment, and spent the last days with a “heavy tramp” with grief and pain. In such times even an hours seems like a whole day. But at the end She also feels at this moment that these days were “too soon to pass” and that She is “too near the end”, that is very less time left the adventurous task. Like this for all of us it becomes that Savitri is the Guide or Reference Book of Integral Yoga! Some objections may be raised over here. Why Savitri has to do all this when She is the Universal Divine Mother? Why She has to abide by the laws, which for us?The answer is that even an Avatar will never go against the laws when in this material world, because they are stipulated by Himself. Therefore He follows them. He does change these rules, provided it is a part of his mission. The same applies to Savitri.
THE MOTHER'S CHILD Mar 15 (2 days ago) MY SINCERE THANKS My Sincere thanks to all my friends and my namaskaars to my mentors who helped me to overcome all the difficulites during the write up of this thread. My friends and brothers Srivatsa, Vadiraj, Unknown M helped me get through some works of Sri Aurobindo which are very rare to find. My mentors like Sri Barinda and Sri M V Nadkarni, who gave their guidance to overcome all my doubts and cleared those clouds. My sincere prayers in the Lotus Feet of The Mother for all the Consecration and Delight in your life. References:
1. Sri Aurobindo's Savitri : An Approach and a Study by Sri A B Purani.
2. The Book of Beginning [b/] by Sri M P Pandit.
3. A Savitri Dictionary by Sri Rand Hicks.
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Savitri Meditations

Re: Single click 'Savitri' meditations posted
by rjon on Thu 15 Mar 2007 01:57 AM PDT Profile Permanent Link
Hi RY, Here they are! Go to this link to view them: Savitri Meditations (25-45 min.) The above link is now permanently available in the 'Savitri in Mother's Voice' link in the PRIORITY frame in the left blue column of SCIY's main page. A link is also provided there to folders containing separate stanzas of a few minutes each. Each meditation session is 25 to 45 minutes long and can be listened to in full or paused & restarted using the included player. Thanks again for this suggestion RY. I'm looking forward to meditating on them ... All best, ~ ron

Sri Aurobindo was definitely not a temple goer, worshipper type

Sri Aurobindo was definitely not a temple goer, worshipper type, or a Krishna devotee in the usual sense, when he had the "Krishna Experience". He had no interest in temples and he met a yogi for the first time more than a decade after he returned to India, as he was not much into yoga/meditation in the beginning. That meeting with the yogi was somewhat of a turning point, as within a mere few days of trying Sri Aurobindo had the experience of Brahman as the one sole reality where rest of the world appeared as a photographic mirage. He took up yoga only after that, but still wasn't a temple goer religious type. Kumar BRFite Joined: 13 Feb 1999 Posts: 754 Posted: 15 Mar 2007 02:06 am Bharat Rakshak Forum Index -> Strategic Issues & International Relations Forum 9:29 AM

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The Mother's voice and Sunil's music

Re: Meditations on Mother's 'Savitri' readings now on SCIY rjon Sun 11 Mar 2007 04:55 PM PDT
Dear RY, Per your suggestion, here are the Savitri meditations based on the recordings of the passages of the Mother's voice and Sunil's music organized by Narad. I've combined some of the short Cantos and split some of the longer ones, which resulted in a total of 53 sessions averaging 35 minutes each (ranging from 20 - 45 minutes.) For permanent reference, this link is now available in the Priority frame halfway down the left-blue column on SCIY's Main Page. Namaste, ~ ron
SAVITRI Meditations (Mother's voice & Sunil's music)
by rjon on Sun 11 Mar 2007 04:38 PM PDT Permanent Link
SAVITRI Meditations (by Canto)Mother's Voice & Sunil's MusicTotal of 54 Sessions (35 minutes avg.)Sessions: # Canto Length (min.)1
Book I Canto I 402 Book I Canto II 383 Book I Canto III 434 Book I Canto IV.a 435 Book I Canto IV.b 436 Book I Canto V.a 337 Book I Canto V.b 348 Book II Canto I 289 Book II Canto II 3310 Book II Canto III 2611 Book II Canto IV 4012 Book II Canto V.a 3413 Book II Canto V.b 3414 Book II Canto VI 4215 Book II Canto VII-VIII 3316 Book II Canto IX-X 4717 Book II Canto XI 2218 Book II Canto XII-XIII 3019 Book II Canto XIV-XV 3120 Book III.a 3921 Book III.b 4022 Book IV Canto I.a 2623 Book IV Canto I.b 2624 Book IV Canto II 2825 Book IV Canto III 3226 Book IV Canto IV.a 4427 Book IV Canto IV.b 4428 Book V Canto I-II 3729 Book V Canto III.a 3730 Book V Canto III.b 3831 Book VI Canto I.a 3732 Book VI Canto I.b 3833 Book VI Canto II.a 3034 Book VI Canto II.b 3035 Book VII Canto I-II 4736 Book VII Canto III.a 3037 Book VII Canto III.b 3038 Book VII Canto IV.a 3539 Book VII Canto IV.b 3540 Book VII Canto V.a 3541 Book VII Canto V.b 3542 Book VII Canto VI 4443 Book VII Canto VII 1744 Book VIII.a 3145 Book VIII.b 3146 Book IX Canto I.a 3647 Book IX Canto I.b 3648 Book IX Canto II.a 4149 Book IX Canto II.b 4150 Book X Canto I-III.a 3151 Book X Canto I-III.b 3152 Book X Canto IV.a 3453 Book X Canto IV.b 34 ----53 sessions @ 35 min. avg. => 40 hrs. Print Article --> Posted to: Main Page 42 Book X Canto IV

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The Mother’s group for collective meditation

Compiler’s Notes FEBRUARY 2005 The Golden Chain
A.B. Purani’s note of 2 September 1926 is the earliest reference to the Mother’s collective meditations. When the Mother started meditating with a few sadhikas in Sri Aurobindo’s room, the meditations with Sri Aurobindo had not yet stopped. Thus, for some time, both Sri Aurobindo and the Mother meditated with their respective groups of disciples. According to Haradhan Bakshi’s diary, Sri Aurobindo’s collective meditations continued right up to the Siddhi Day. The Mother then took charge of all the disciples and presided over the collective meditations.
Champaklal was the first sadhak to join the Mother’s group for collective meditation which, in the beginning, was meant only for ladies. Pavitra and Rajani Palit followed suit in the month of October and Haradhan Bakshi in November. Thus there was a growing recognition of the Mother as a spiritual guide among the disciples even before the Siddhi Day, so that it was not difficult for them to accept her as such after Sri Aurobindo retired.
It should be noted that in the case of Pavitra and Haradhan Bakshi whose records are available to us, the Mother first meditated individually with them before permitting them to attend her collective meditations. They first took permission through Sri Aurobindo to meditate individually with her and found it so beneficial that they asked the Mother’s permission to attend her collective meditations. 

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I was so inspired by Narad's website

Main Page Previous: 11: The Sun from which we Kindle all our Suns Next: March 4 Quote of the Day III.II.m04 A Heart was felt in the spaces wide and bare by rjon on Sat 03 Mar 2007 10:15 PM PST Permanent Link Book III 04 A Heart was felt in the spaces wide and bare.mp3MP3 File Print Article Posted to: Main Page A Spiritual Biography of Savitri
Re: III.II.m04 A Heart was felt in the spaces wide and bare by RY Deshpande on Mon 05 Mar 2007 08:20 AM PST Profile Permanent Link Hi Ron Extremely thoughtfuk of you to post this piece of the Mother's Savitri-reading, to go along with the posting The Sun from which we kindle all our suns http://www.sciy.org/blog/_archives/2007/3/3/2778426.html That prompts me to make a suggestion. It will be very appropriate if you can form sets of half a dozen readings to give a continuous duration of some 30-40 minutes each set. These can be used for meditation. RYD

Re: III.II.m04 [Mother's 'Savitri' readings] by rjon on Mon 05 Mar 2007 05:26 PM PST Profile Permanent Link Thanks RY, I was so inspired by Narad's website (thanks again for referring me to it!) of the Mother's Savitri readings combined with Sunil's music, that I wanted to make it more easily available on SCIY. So I've now converted all of them via Hipcast.com to an easy to use built-in audio player. You can see them all here, organized in folders by Book & Canto (scroll down to view them in the Category Folders frame in the left blue column of SCIY).
Over this past weekend, I posted links to the Mother's readings of passages included in each of the Savitri articles you've been posting (view them here), with a note & link at the top of each of your articles. I was going to confirm all this with you but you noticed the most recent one before I had a chance. I'm happy that you liked it. I like your suggestion re forming the Mother's readings into 30-40 minute sets. Let me think about how to best do this. I'll get back to you when I've come up with something. ~ ron

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Overseas Sri Aurobindo Centres & Distributors

Le Centre Sri Aurobindo 4125 Rue Saint Denis Montreal, Quebec Canada H2W 2M7 Tel. (514) 845-2786 Fax (514) 845-2786
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People here are working on something truly important and special

I have only the time for a hasty goodbye. The taxi comes to pick us up in half an hour, and there are things to do before that. What a time we have had here! There is so much more to relate about Auroville than we could find time to share during our adventure here, so this is certainly not the end. We will learn to do this increasingly better and better, don’t you worry. This is only the beginning, the first baby step of Teal and Imelda’s Adventure of Consciousness, and we feel very positive about it.
Yesterday before sunrise we attended the bonfire at the Amphitheater to celebrate Auroville’s 39th birthday, an experience which could only strengthen and deepen the sense that people here are working on something truly important and special. What a great way for our own impossible dream to begin! Keep in touch everyone. Love, Teal and Imelda mail@adventureofconsciousness.com This entry was posted on Wednesday, February 28th, 2007 at 11:37 pm

I cannot describe the ecstatic opening of consciousness that reading this book gave

Sri Aurobindo: Or, the Adventure of Consciousness (Paperback) by Satprem
Avatar of the Supramental, June 13, 2006 Reviewer: P. Rustad - See all my reviews
This book is very important in my life. I first read it in 1970 when I was on a furious hunt for 'Truth', the meaning of life, etc. At that time I owned several books by Sri Aurobindo, including the "Life Divine". But they were all heavy, erudite tomes. Then I read Satprem's poetic, inspiring treatment of Aurobindo's life. I cannot describe here the ecstatic opening of consciousness that reading this book gave. It was as though every word was on fire. And the same with Aurobindo's book on "The Mother". Sri Aurobindo (and the Mother), are Co-Avatars of the Supramental. But that's another story.