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Personal and impersonal aspects of God are complementary

14.01.2010 (Thursday)
07.00 am Collective meditation near the Sacred Relics. Honourable Sri Ananga Udaya Singdeo Minister, Planning and co-ordination, Public Enterprises receives the Sacred Relics.
Guard of Honor by Govt.of Orissa. Procession with one Pilot Jeep, one Jeep with Bande Mataram recitation , one open Jeep with sacred Relics, escort Jeep and other VIP cars will follow.
07.15 am The Sacred Relics for 5 places leave for Sonepur, Dist-Subernapur.
10.00 am The Sacred Relics Reach Sri Aurobindo Integral Education Center, Sonepur ,Dist.-Subernapur..
Guard of Honour by Govt.of Orissa.
Sri Madan Mohan Dani receives the Sacred Relics from Sri Anang Uday Singh Deo and places for Public Darshan.
10.15 am One out of the four Relics, will be received by Sri Niranjan Pujari, MLA and leave for Chadheigudi. Sri Padmanav Behera, MLA receives the Sacred Relics from Honourable Sri Niranjan Pujari at Hikudichhak. Sri Kalikesh Narayan Singhdeo, MP receives the Sacred Relics from Sri Padmanav Behera Behera MLA at Ullunda and moves to Chadhegudi.
02.00 pm The Sacred Relics reaches Chadheigudi. Gurad of Honour by Govt.of Orissa. Sri Nihar Ranjan Panda receives the Sacred Relics from Sri Kalikesh Singh Deo and places on a dias for Public Darshan.
02.50 pm The Sacred Relics is taken to Shrine.
03.00 pm Prof. C.N.Sharma installs the Sacred Relics followed by collective meditation. Distribution of Messages and sweets.
8.15 am The Sacred Relics reacheSarua. Sri Prasant Nanda, MLA, Begunia, receives the Sacred Relics from Sri Pravat Biswal and proceeds to Pichukuli
04.00pm Back to Sonepur. Halt at Sonepur., Dist-Subernapur

15.01.2010 07.00 am Collective meditation near the Sacred Relics.
(Friday) 08.00 am Sri Prasanna Acharya, Honourable Minister Health receives the Sacred Relics.
Guard of Honour by Govt.of Orissa
The Sacred Relics for 4 places move to Sambalpur. Sri Jaynarayan Mishra, MLA, Sambalpur receives the Sacred Relics from Sri Prasanna Acharya, MLA at Dhanuapalli Chhak and proceeds to Matrunivas.
02.00 pm Arrival at Matrunivas, Daliapada.
Guard of Honour by Govt.of Orissa .
Sri Sriballav Panigrahi, Managing Trustee, Matrunivas receives the Sacred Relics for 4 places from Sri Jaya.Narayan Mishra,MLA and keeps for Public Darshan. Halt at Sambalpur

16.01.2010 07.00 am (Saturday)
Collective Meditation near the Sacred Relics. Sri Amar Pradhan, MP receives the Sacred Relics for 4 places.
Guard of Honour by Govt.of Orissa.
The Sacred Relics leave for Sahartikra.
11.00 am The Sacred Relics arrives at Sahartikra.
Guard of Honour by Govt.of Orissa.
Sri G.. Suryanarayan receives the Sacred Relics from Sri Amar Pradhan MP and keeps on a pendal for Public Darshan.
01.45 pm One Sacred Relics is taken to the Shrine.
02.00 pm Prof. C.N.Sharma installs the Sacred Relics followed by collective meditation.
Distribution of Messages and Sweets.
02.30 pm Sri Nihar Ranjan Mahananda, MLA , Attabira, receives the Sacred Relics and leaves Sahartikra for Attabira.
Sri Sanjay Bhoi MP receives the Sacred Relics from Sri Nihar Ranjan Mahananda, MLA, at Attabira and proceeds to Bolangir.
06.00 pm Sacred Relics for 3 places arrive at Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir., Bolangir.
Guard of Honour by Govt.of Orissa.
Sri Lalit Mohan Khuntia receives the Sacred Relics from Sri Nihar Ranjan Mohananda, MLA and keeps for Public Darshan.
Night Halt.

Sri Aurobindo was a great patriot revolutionist, who turned into a saint, a great philosopher and a godly figure of India. He is universally considered as a great philanthropist and much above petty politics.  Let’s see what his opinion about Islam and Muslims was…Rishi Sri Aurobindo said on July 23, 1923. Evening talks with Sri Aurobindo; ...
Beyond the Dualities of Life « Sri Aurobindo Studies
Sri Aurobindo however points out that there is actually another solution, based not on indifference or renunciation, but based on establishing the foundation of the being in the true soul, which can then accept all responses from the ...

The purpose of idolatry and its limitations « Integral Yoga of Sri ... by Sandeep
Sri Aurobindo further points out that the personal and impersonal aspects of God are complementary. The forms by which we conceptualize the Divine are suited to our personality and gradually alter as our consciousness expands and ...

The most fertile idea from the book, other than a thorough analysis of the psychology of the individual from Aurobindo's spiritual viewpoint, is the notion of spiritual evolution. In the West, we are used to thinking about the physical evolution of life, but little is written regarding the possibility, likelihood, mechanism, or reality of spiritual evolution. 
Circumsolatious: A Higher Vision of Time is Needed to Appreciate ... by Lori Tompkins
This line of thought is deeply rooted in Vedic gnosis, as well as in the supramental gnosis ofSri Aurobindo and the Mother. It is the product of and a call towards cultivating the 'Supramental Time Vision' that Sri Aurobindo foresaw ...

Baha'i Blog 1919: Spiritual Evolution by Inge Barthel
The program goes into the recent spiritual history and discerns a "lineage" of teachers who began to work in this new way, Teilhard de Chardin being one of the first, Sri Aurobindo as well. They did not talk about Baha'u'llah though. ...

Samvitjyoti: The Spiritual Path of Santhigiri Ashram by Mukundan Santhigiri
The spiritual vision of Aurobindo and the Mother in Aurobindo Ashram on
24th November, 1926 would suggest the descending of the Supreme Soul accompanied by Sri Krishna. Navajyoti Sri Karunakara Guru was born on 1st September, 1927, ...
The Decent of the Blue. By Rich Navroth. – The Sri Chinmoy Global ... by Eamon
Chinmoy spent many years honing the siddhis of his previous incarnation along with the advances he cultivated while he was a disciple and resident of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother's ashram. He came into his own while at
Pondicherry and ...
DAFTAR LINK: hal18 by RonniC
Sri Aurobindo was universally acclaimed in
India as one of the most enlightened yogis of all time. But do not think that the Jnanis are shallow. A jnana-yogi such as Nisargadatta Maharaj, to take a recent example, has deeply impressed ...
Let's change; but what and how?: Our Tamil-French Holiday by Bhupendra Yadav
Mirra Richard (nee Alfasa) (1878-1973), a disciple of Aurobindo Ghosh who was born to Turkish and Egyptian parents but was a French national. She made Puducherry her home since 1920 and took charge of Sri Aurobindo Ashram from 1926. ...

Typos: WAR OF THE WORLDS by Prashanto Banerji
I believe man is supposed to become a god or at least like what Sri Aurobindo said '…man arose out of animal, so out of man superman shall come' but the day man thought that the only way he could go faster than his legs could carry him ...

Yoga definition by Sri Aurobindo by Partha
... consciousness absorbed in the outer appearances and attractions of things to a higher state in which the Transcendent and Universal can pour itself into the individual mould and transform it.' -- Sri Aurobindo in 'The Synthesis of Yoga'

Comments by Vikram by Raman Reddy
Because his talks entirely ceased and his correspondence virtually so, there are no first-hand accounts of Sri Aurobindo's sadhana after 1941. One is tempted to mine Savitri to make up for the lack. Sri Aurobindo's accounts of ...

Sri Aurobindo wrote “Religion is India is a still more plastic term and may mean anything from the heights of Yoga to strangling your fellow man and relieving him of the worldly goods he may happen to be carrying with him. ...
She completed a doctoral thesis on the integral yoga philosophy of Sri Aurobindo – a field she is involved in on a practical basis too, spending as much ...

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