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The second limitation pointed out by Sri Aurobindo

Sri Aurobindo has said: 'Thirukkural is gnomic poetry, the greatest in planned consumption and force of execution ever written in this kind. ... Sri Aurobindo's interpretation of " the Mahabharata " (Transaction)  Prema Nandakumar 
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I do not mind at all that he is central in the worldview represented here, but for those who find their guru in Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, that is equally good. I can't 'face God' without Christ's protection, this much I know for ...

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It is about a text of Sri Aurobindo. Here it is: [The Synthesis of Yoga, Vol. 21, p. 523]. Love leads us from the suffering of division into the bliss of perfect union, but without losing that joy of the act of union which is the soul's ... The Ancient Tale of SavitriVyasa's Savitri

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Sri Aurobindo Studies. Sri Aurobindo's Integral Yoga. « The Consciousness Unifying Unity and Multiplicity. Man is Unaware of the Hidden & Occult Springs of Action. By sriaurobindostudies. There are 3 primary limitations that create ...

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Sri Aurobindo lived an amazing life. He was a scholar of Greek classics at
Cambridge, college professor, revolutionary and nationalist, and a mystic. He left behind a prodigious output of writing, which was cataloged in the Sri ... Homer and the Iliad, Sri Aurobindo and Ilion ; Illumination, Heroism and HarmonyA commentary on Sri Aurobindo's poem IlionIlion: An Epic in Quantitative Hexameters
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In my study of Sri Aurobindo and the mother's books, I have come upon explanations of occult powers latent in men that allow for an advanced soul to draw out a vital and a mental being and to materialize a physical body without the ...

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The second limitation pointed out by Sri Aurobindo is the separation of each human being from the universal manifestation. Thus, he is unable to either know himself fully or know the other beings with whom he interacts and shares the universal life. 

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