Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sri Aurobindo's sacred relics at Ma-Nuapalli, Odisha

The Hindu : Other States - Orissa News : Relics of Aurobindo reach ...

PAYING RESPECT: The relics of Sri Aurobindo Ghose is being given a guard of ... People of all sections of society crowded up to pay their respect to the ...
19.01.2010 08.00 am Meditation near the Sacred Relics.
(Tuesday) Sri Santanu Kumar Das, B.D.O, Rayagada receives the Sacred Relics for 2 places from Matrubihar.
Guard of Honour by Govt.of Orissa
The Sacred Relics proceeds to Brahmapur.
01.00 pm Arrival at Pudamari.
Departure for Brahmapur.
05.00 pm Arrival at Berhampur.
Guard of Honor by Govt. of Orissa.
Halt at Berhampur.

20.01.2010 (Wednesday)
08.00 am Meditation near the Sacred Relics.
Smt. Runubala Padhan MP, , receives the Sacred Relics.
The Sacred Relics proceeds to Khalikote.
10.00 am Arrival at Khalikote.
Sri Harihar Swain receives the Sacred Relics for 2 places and keeps on a dias for Public Darshan.
10.15 am Sri Nityananda Pradhan MP Aska receives one Relics out of two and moves for Ma-Nuapalli.
12.00 pm Arrival at Ma-Nuapalli.
Guard of Honor by Govt.of Orissa.
Sri Padmacharan Pradhan receives the Sacred Relics and keeps for Public Darshan.
03.45 pm The Sacred Relics is taken to the Shrine for installaton.
04.00 pm
5.00pm Prof. C.N.Sharma installs the Relics followed by collective meditation. Distribution of Messages and sweets.
Back to Khalikote. Halt at Khalikote.

Sri Aurobindo Society: Meeting, AP-514, J Block, 8th St., Anna Nagar, 6 p.m.
BARGARH: The relics of Sri Aurobindo were kept in a newly-built meditation centre at Goudtikra near Attabira today. The relics were brought from Sambalpur ... Express Buzz
The Secret of the Veda | | AntiMatters
... the gist of which is presented. A short biography of Satprem and an excerpt from one of his conversations with The Mother are included. Full Text: PDF. 

List of integral thinkers and supporters - Wikipedia - Robert A. McDermott — a professor of philosophy and religion at the California Institute of Integral Studies, and has written books on the thought of Rudolph Steiner, Sri Aurobindo, William James.[12]
... as a science of consciousness, the latter being considered as a pluri- dimensional reality in consonance with the Sri Aurobindonian perspective; ...

Circumsolatious: A Higher Vision of Time is Needed to Appreciate ...
By Lori Tompkins
This line of thought is deeply rooted in Vedic gnosis, as well as in the supramental gnosis of SriAurobindo and the Mother. It is the product of and a call towards cultivating the 'Supramental Time Vision' that Sri Aurobindo foresaw ...

Alchemy-energize your heart, home and soul: New Year's ... By Alchemy
New Year's, meditation at the Matrimandir Pondicherry, time to put together my first solo show! Moved in to my new space and the creativity seems to be flowing quite well! I'm in the process of creating work for an upcoming exhibition in madras... yay! my first solo show!!! So the next couple of months are going to be quite busy with that.
The New Year started on an incredible note. We spent New Year's in
Pondicherry with friends and family and it was beautiful. I love Pondicherry at any point, but this visit was truly special. On New Years day, we went to the Matri mandir  in Auroville with family for a meditation session. As I said earlier, its incredible how doors just open for you when your ready to embrace your spiritual self. Its not easy to get passes for the meditation chamber at any point and to get them overnight and that too for New Years day was really a gift from the divine.
Dilip Kapur Images Fashion - Jan 15, 2010
He grew up in Sri Aurobindo Ashram and went to school in Phillips Academy Andover, Massachusetts. Dilip Kapur founded Hidesign in 1978. ...
FRACTURED SOUL Calcutta Telegraph - Meenakshi Mukherjee - Jan 14, 2010
(Lying demurely in one of the Scrapbooks is a 1904 telegram from A. Ghosh, a gentleman on the personal staff of Sayajirao Gaekwad, offering Dutt the post of amatyato the State of Baroda; in later life, the gentleman was known as Sri Aurobindo.) … Despite Mukherjee’s plaudits, Dutt’s Bengali novels are at best period pieces. His tract on ancient Hindu civilization too is eminently forgettable; it is a rehash of the James Mill primer that was once standard reading for the East India Company’s employees, with some supplementation from Dutt’s repertory of the Veda Sutras.
Tilak's Southern lieutenant The Hindu - Jan 16, 2010
VOC wired to Tilak and Aurobindo proposing Lala Lajpat Rai for the presidentship of the Congress. In the event, Rash Behari Ghosh, the Calcutta moderate was ...

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