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Ashram inmates see Asuras everywhere

Sri Aurobindo Complex Trust: Talk on “Savitri” by T. Ramakrishna, Sri Aurobindo Complex, Sri Aurobindo Marg, J.P. Nagar 1st Phase, 6 p.m.
The Matrimandir - Travel Photos - IgoUgo
At Auroville, visitors meditate at the 'Viewing Point' in front of Matrimandir. Visitors who'd like to go inside and meditate must get a prior appointment at the Visitors' Centre… The Matrimandir gleams like a somewhat tacky jewel—the huge circular tiles on the outside are 24 carat gold leaf (sandwiched between sheets of glass and fused together). Auroville: The Embodiment of a Vision
February 2, 2010 by phileasfogg
Auroville: The Embodiment of a Vision - Pondicherry Travel Story ...
Auroville's best known monument, however, is the meditation centre known as Matrimandir (literally, 'The Temple of the Mother' or 'The Mother Temple'). ...
I got the uncomfortable feeling that the entire setup was very commercial—a ‘scam’, as one Adishakti artiste labelled it. The principle of simple living and high thinking just doesn’t seem to be reflected here; it’s all very targeted towards the affluent, what with the expensive boutique, the swimming pool (yes, they have one: the fee is Rs 250 a day) and a general air of having lots of money and plenty of free time in which to meditate on things other than having to earn a living. Auroville: The Embodiment of a Vision February 2, 2010 by phileasfogg
Mr. Kamal, R.K Real Estates, Contact
Mobile: 93616 21505 Auroville -, Bharat
Study Abroad in Auroville, India: Sh*t beach By Molly Schachter
On one afternoon a few of us decided to check out the local Auroville beach. Usually this beach is for Aurovillians and their guests only, however this particular day was a holiday (I'm not sure which one and it did not seem to be a big ...
Extreme Division and Fragmentation Characterize Matter « Sri ... 2 Feb 2010 
Sri Aurobindo remarks that “the success of this inertia and obstruction is due to a third power of Matter; for the third fundamental opposition which Mater offers to Spirit is this that it is the culmination of the principle of division ...
Mirror of Tomorrow :: Jung's Psychology of the Living God and ... By RY Deshpande
I believe the reader can make a relationship here, if not an equation, between these observations on the white shadow-persona driven by an unconscious power-complex and what Sri Aurobindo referred to as the Evil Persona, ...
Jung’s Psychology of the Living God and Transformation of Individual and Community: Part IV A—by David Johnston Comment posted by: auroman
I wasn't referring to Sri Aurobindo's disciples but the Sadhaks who exist today.  It is not necessary that all of them have gathered because they were greatly endowed for some work.
I can't help notice the biases of various groups –
a) The Patricia/Thea group reads geometry, numerology and astrology into everything
b) The Ashram inmates see Asuras everywhere
c) The Jungian group sees shadows and evil personas everywhere
d) The pomo crowd (SCIY) sees the world as a giant power struggle with hegemonies and marginalizations creating internalized resentment from which arise suitable cultural responses.  And yes, covert agendas!
In the absence of spiritual sight, all these are only inferences which could be right...or wrong.
A blog post by kalpana was featured Never Despair, Light is Here!
The difficult is not the impossible, as Sri Aurobindo reminds us to keep a strong faith in our Ideal to become Real! ''The way to get faith and all things else is to insist on having them and refuse to flag or despair or give up until one has them…
Difficulties were made to be overcome & if the Supreme Will is there, they will be overcome: Sri Aurobindo 
Our primary mission is to be a community of disciples collectively practicing the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother in our ...
Auroshikha has captured the light, delicate fragrances of nature, lovingly made at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry. These intoxicating fragrances ...

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