Saturday, February 20, 2010

Commercial enterprises of the Ashram manufacture and sell a whole load of lifestyle products

Sri Aurobindo's arrival in Pondicherry a century ago gave this coastal town a different identity — that of a spiritual centre. He and The Mother have since influenced lifestyles in this town many ways, drawing people from all over the world. Any given day, hundreds gather to pay homage to Sri Aurobindo and The Mother at the Ashram, and then walk to the nearby Manakula Vinayagar Temple. This year marks a hundred years since Sri Aurobindo's arrival here. But the Ashram is more than just that. The commercial enterprises of the Ashram manufacture and sell a whole load of lifestyle products ranging from clothes and fragrances to stationery and handicrafts fashioned out of handmade paper. Members of the community are also involved in environment and social causes.
The school is run by Sri Aurobindo Education Society which is registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860; its registered office is Sri ...
Aniruddha: My Visit to Auroville By Aniruddha N
The Matrimandir (Sanskrit for
Temple of The Mother) is an edifice of spiritual significance for practitioners of Integral yoga, situated at the center of Auroville initiated by The Mother of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram. ...
Good quotes from Aurobindo, Ramon! I'd heard the name before but hadn't really read anything.... that Sri Aurobindo was talking about in one of the quotes. ...
SRI AUROBINDO February 17, 2010 - Heart Initiation I am Sri Aurobindo. Beloved Brothers and Sisters in incarnation, receive the blessings and greetings to ...
Re: Social Philosophy of Sri Aurobindo and the New Age by Kishor Gandhi—an Appraisal by RY Deshpande by ...
Located 12 km from Puducherry, Auroville is a universe by itself, centred around the Matrimandir. Auroville today stands as a universal township, celebrating diversity of culture and nationalities. From small-scale manufacturing units to organic farms, there is nothing you cannot find in Auroville. It is at once, a spiritual centre, an industrial town and a pulsating cultural hub, complete with impromptu gigs and high-profile performances. The huge international population, great food, and the constantly-brewing boho-chic fashion storms make Auroville irresistible, for tourists.
Saturday, 20 Feb
Ashtanga Yoga ::: Harmony (Auromodele) ::: Sat ::: 8:00 AM
Trashion Show and Recycled Art Show (till 7th March) ::: Gallery Square Circle: BASEMENT ::: Sat ::: 6:00 PM
to the visitor ::: around Auroville ::: Sat ::: 11:00 AM
Photo Exhibition " The Mother in Japan " (till 28 Feb,) ::: Tibetan Pavilion ::: Sat ::: 8:00 AM
Life Saving & Resuscitation course ::: La Piscine, New Creation ::: Sat ::: 10:00 AM
Inauguration: IKEBANA Exhibition ::: Hall of Light, Creativity ::: Sat ::: 4:30 PM
Talk by Shraddalu Renade ::: Savitri Bhavan ::: Sat ::: 5:00 PM
Tibetan Dance Performance by Students from Dharamsala and Chennai ::: Sri Aurobindo Auditorium ::: Sat ::: 7:45 PM
THAI YOGA MASSAGE WORKSHOP ::: Quiet Healing Centre ::: Sat ::: 9:00 AM
Noh Theatre Mask and Calligraphy Exhibition (till 20 Feb,) ::: Tibetan Pavilion ::: Sat ::: 9:00 AM
AV Saturday Market + special topic "waste water" ::: front of Solar Kitchen ::: Sat ::: 9:30 AM
Another Way of Tea: Group Show by Auroville Artists ::: Gallery Square Circle: Kala Kendra: ::: Sat ::: 10:00 AM

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