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Two-day dance festival, as part of Sri Aurobindo’s arrival centenary celebrations

PUDUCHERRY: Sri Geetagovinda Pratisthana in association with Sangeet Natak Academi, Delhi, and the Department of Tourism, Puducherry, is organising ‘Nritya Bharati,’ a two-day dance festival, as part of Sri Aurobindo’s arrival centenary celebrations.
Dancers from across the country will be delivering solo performances. Priya Venkatraman, Sharmila Biswas and Bimbavati Devi will perform at JIPMER auditorium at 6.30 p.m. on Saturday. Gopika Varma, Aruna Mohanty and Hari will perform at 6.30 p.m. on Sunday. Entry is free. Integral education: Thought and practice Raghunath Pani
Auroville Cultural Centre's Dancer Support System « Bharathanatyam ... By sangeethas
Ramya K has sent in a a link to Auroville Cultural Centre's (ACC) website. ACC according to their website, is based at Auroville,
Pondichery, India. They aim to spread the reach of Bharathanatyam through innovative projects. ...
Report of the One-Day Workshop on “Value-Based Management” Sri ...
Sri Aurobindo Foundation for Integral Management (SAFIM), a Centre of Excellence in Management of Sri Aurobindo Society, Pondicherry organized one-day workshop on Value-based Management at Society Beach Office, Pondicherry in association with Madras Management Association (MMA), Puducherry chapter. MMA Chairman Shri Brem Nathan delivered the welcome speech. Prof. Saikat Sen began with an introduction to SAFIM and its various activities with audio-visual presentation and introduced the facilitator of the workshop Mr. Jordi Griera, Chairman, INEVAL Foundation,
Barcelona, Spain.
Mr. Jordi Griera conducted the workshop and highlighted on the importance of Human Values in Management and how to implement values in the present business context. Members of MMA, Rotary Club and students of Management College took part in the workshop. The workshop was highly interactive in nature and participants enjoyed every session very well. Mr. Muthuraman Ayyappan, Co-chairman of MMA concluded with the vote of thanks.
The Common Vision: Parenting and Educating for Wholeness presents the teachings about child raising and education of Rudolf Steiner, Sri Aurobindo Ghose, and Hazrat Inayat Khan. The book reveals the powerful similarities among these ...
''When we make an effort to do better but don't see any progress, we feel discouraged. What is the best thing to do? Not to be discouraged! Despondency leads nowhere. To begin with, the first thing to tell yourself is that you are almost entirely in…
Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. ... In the 1960s, Sri Aurobindo, one of India's great revolutionary seers, decided that ...
Savitri Era Learning Forum This very diversity gets labelled as a ...
President Savitri Era Party Savitri Era of those who adore Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother Director Savitri Era ...
Aravind Eye Hospitals are named after Sri Aurobindo, one of the 20th ... In essence, Sri Aurobindo's teachings focus on mankind's transcendence into a ...
A Poem For Aurobindo by mark anthony st. rose
A Poem For Aurobindo - by mark anthony st. rose .. He writes, he captures eternity on a page, though he's no more he has escaped the age.
Sri Aurobindo refers to this verse in "The Life Divine". ... I do not have that book, so I do not know in what context Sri Aurobindo made those comments. ...
This is a new style of yoga to the UK, based on Sri Aurobindo's Integral Yoga and created by Swami Vidyanand – it is a synthesis of asanas, mantra, ...
After opting for Voluntary retirement I along with my work in Sri Aurobindo Ashram (Renowned World over) as honorary service and our children are being educated in Sri Aurobindo International center of Education, which is unique for Integral and free progress system of education having French as the medium of instruction.
i will think a bit more about my children's names.: dust dust sky by paperclipstaplergun
I was much happier. Life is really something else, and I think it's important to keep dreaming. “It is always something dark that is afraid. Face boldly what one fears.” (Sri Aurobindo and the Mother on fear) ...
mystical practices with the Christian mystic Bede Griffiths, with Tibetan Buddhist teacher Thuksey Rin-poche, and at the ashram of Sri Aurobindo. ...
Vedas from Sanskritweb · Saksi: Sri Aurobindo Kapali Institute of Vedic Culture · Bhagavad Gita (from Acharya at IITM): a word by word meaning ...
Judged by any standard, Thiruvalluvar of the first century and Bharathy of the twentieth were of world calibre. In between them were poets and scholars of great renown. The independence movement in India brought forth a galaxy that dazzled us with their brilliance. Gandhi and Nehru, Patel and Bose, Tagore and Aurobindo were scholars and leaders who commanded our admiration. We coveted their aura and lived in a world of make belief.
From such an
India steeped in idealism, the Tamils of Sri Lanka looked for a perfect dispensation to the ethnic problem. Tamils distancing themselves from IndiaRainbow Bridge: A Comparative Study of Tagore and Sri Aurobindo
And finally, one loves purely and simply, without any other need or enjoy than that of loving! -- The Mother-Sri Aurobindo Ashram ...
PrintsAsia - अरविंद-दर्शन की भूमिका by ...
अरविंद-दर्शन की भूमिका by अंजनी कुमार सिंह, एस.के. मैत्र, New Copy.
Life Without Death, Satprem, Luc Venet - eBay (item 330407519480 ...
eBay: Find Life Without Death, Satprem, Luc Venet in the Books , Nonfiction category on eBay.
Santiniketan - UNESCO World Heritage Centre
Malancha: Built in 1926 by Rabindranath for his youngest daughter, Mira, ..... Aurobindo in collaboration with Mirra Alfassa (The Mother) in the year 1968. ...
Special Visit from Transition School « Sadhana Forest By Ana & Tiago
The Grade Two class from
Transition School (Auroville) came to see what is happening in Children's Land and to learn about sustainability. From the minute the twenty of them stepped off the bus they were eager to take in everything ...
Travel Vicarious: hot and sticky...again by fiz By Fiz-Kat
But now we are in Auroville and it is getting hotter by the day.
Delhi was Delhi, in that the air quality is so bad by the time you wake up from your first night there your throat and lungs start to hurt. The pain gets worse over the ...
Sustainable living transcends borders Camarillo Acorn
Her experience there, working at Sadhana Forest, a sustainableliving community on the outskirts ofAuroville, Tamil Nadu, India, was life-changing for the ...
SCIENCE, MIND AND YOGA Written by Varun   Thursday, 25 February 2010
On the 17th of February there was a presentation by Binu Mukherjee, an eminent scientist and a professor, which many people attended. The presentation was about his experiences of being a scientist and a spiritual person at the same time. He discussed how, unlike common feeling, his spiritual attitude complimented with the scientific view of the world. The discussion made its way into thoughts such as how application of mind on science and logic helps on finding the limitations of mind in understanding the nature. Spirituality can lead science to areas that could help life become better by making the world more safe and beautiful to live in. He stated, that since science and spirituality are in essence search for the truth they are similar and can be at some point unified.
We're happy to welcome all those who have signed up as affiliates linking your sites to ours. Not only are all profits going to Auroville works but all orders help plant trees so it is what is called a win-win-win, everyone benefits. Read about our affiliate program.
This book of meditations on nature opens our hearts and minds to the immense diversity of this planet we call home. It reminds us of our profound connections to the world.
The beauty of Auroville it's it's vast diversity of creativity culminating in a multitude of cultures melting into one place to try and find the common ground of all humanity and all life. If you haven't visited yet, take some time to plan your next trip to India around a trip to Auroville. We have lot's of new books on the site that can get you ready for your visit.
What's new this week? February 20th , 2010
Savitri Bhavan program update On the Mother's Birthday
21 st February 2010 , 7 pm
“ The One whom we adore as the Mother ”  
A new film prepared by Sri Aurobindo Archives, Pondicherry
Duration about one hour
Everyone is welcome
>> archives...
This week you are invited to read: The birth of Auroville

Friday, 26 Feb
Body Meditation at Verite ::: Verite Hall ::: Fri ::: 2:00 PM
Ashtanga Yoga ::: Harmony (Auromodele) ::: Fri ::: 8:00 AM
9th "No More Pesticides"- Exhibition ::: open field opposite Solar Kitchen (except Tuesdays) ::: Fri ::: 2:00 PM
Insight Seminar: Town Planning and Architecture in Auroville ::: Inside India Building in Auroshilpam (behind Auromode) ::: Fri ::: 10:30 AM
  Trashion Show and Recycled Art Show (till 7th March) ::: Gallery Square Circle: BASEMENT ::: Fri ::: 6:00 PM
Gyrokinesis® (Dynamic Yoga) Classes ::: Quiet Healing Centre ::: Fri ::: 8:30 AM
to the visitor ::: around Auroville ::: Fri ::: 11:00 AM
Photo Exhibition " The Mother in Japan " (till 28 Feb,) ::: Tibetan Pavilion ::: Fri ::: 8:00 AM
Copenhague - Changement climatique : qu'en est-t'il ::: Cinema Paradiso ::: Fri ::: 5:00 PM
Copenhagen Climate Change: What's up? ::: Cinema Paradiso ::: Fri ::: 5:00 PM
C I N E M A - "Sherlock Holmes" ::: Bharat Nivas, Auditorium ::: Fri ::: 7:45 PM
Fate or Choice? ::: Aurodam Harmony Hall ::: Fri ::: 9:30 AM

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