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Coomaraswamy's works needs to be studied in comparison with the writings of Prof Hiriyanna and Sri Aurobindo

Sri Aurobindo. man represents first stage of conscious evolution versus subconscious evolution. aspiration is sign of Nature's Will to evolve ...
This is the ascending series of substance which is the subject of chapter XXVI of Sri Aurobindo's The Life Divine. reference: Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Chapter 26, The Ascending Series of Substance ...
Third Eye: Ananda K. Coomaraswamy :his essential writings by Third eye
Ananda K. Coomaraswamy's works needs to be studied in comparison with the essential writings of Prof Hiriyanna and Sri Aurobindo. Alas! our university professors do not know much about these giants of aesthetics. ...
In Part IV-B I examine what Sri Aurobindo referred to as the humankind's double nature ... I then study the Evil Persona as defined by Sri Aurobindo...
One could argue that in his text circa 1920 in The Future Poetry that Sri Aurobindo did not sufficiently consider this transition in the poetic form that ...
I'll mention briefly again that although his discourse is separated by both an epistemic and cultural chasm from that of Sri Aurobindo there ...
I don't know if we should take those who celebrate The Lives of Sri Aurobindo and defend its author with any seriousness at all. I'm yet to see, ...
More Lies about the Lives of Sri Aurobindo (the truth about plankton) ...“Works of Sri Aurobindo are quoted with the kind permission of the Sri Aurobindo ...
Aurobindo and The Mother also say that Earth is entering into a new cycle and the transformed humanity is a certaintly, although cataclysms may still occur and the shifting of the magnetic poles is inevitable. ...
SRI AUROBINDO – “The aim of education is to help the child to develop his ...SRI AUROBINDO –“A God who could not smile could not have created this humorous ...
The Sri Aurobindo Centre of New Education" is a project of the Sri Aurobindo Society Jodhpur, a branch of the Sri Aurobindo Society, PondicherryProject Cost: The total project cost is a little over Rs. 17 crores, (Approx. Sterling 22,00,000 )… Members of the Governing Council: 
H.H. Maharaja Gajsingh II of Jodhpur Chairperson
Shri Arun Kapur Director, Vasant Valley School, New Delhi Member
Shri Mahendra Singh Member
Shri Ranjit Puri  Industrialist - New Delhi Member
Shri Rajan Kaicker Co-Chairman & C.E.O. Franklin Covey South Asia & DOOR South Asia Member
Shri Varun Arya Director, Aravali Institute of Management Jodhpur Member
Smt. Meera Singh Chairperson Sri Aurobindo Society Jodhpur Branch Member-Secretary
Shri Anu Mridul, Architect 71, Nehru Park, Jodhpur Invitee
De-stress yourself, with sound-healing tables Indian Express
Auroville-based musical research organisation Svaram aims to do just that as it offers this unique therapy to people who lead fast-paced lives and often ...
auroville,india-ecovillage spotlight
Continuing a series on Ecovillages I started last month, this article delves into some of the unique features and successes of the extraordinary Auroville ...
So Sri Aurobindo's teachings had to do nothing with the affairs of this world? I guessed that already....that is why I called him a Paper Yogi and a Drawing ...
You replied: [if] Life is [a] non material thing then why this cellular mechanism is needed by God. He could make life in rock or stone . Conscious field (so called Chetan) needs it and likes to follow a process of improvement. Please go thorough the writings of Rishi Aurobindo. 
My response:  Aurobindo may be held in high regard by popular opinion, but we do not accept his authority in these matters…
You replied: In India it is widely accepted that Swami Vivekanada  and Rishi Aurobinda are two vast learned spiritualist who were  not Unicorn.
My response:  Aurobindo and Vivekananda may not be Unicorns, but they are certainly Monists – reducing everything to one, like the single horn of the unicorn. We reject the monist viewpoint of reality as abstractly one-sided. Rather, we find the teachings of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu to be more rational. He taught the principle of “achintya bedha bedha tattva” - difference and non-difference together. Monist philosophers are under a misconception, for they cannot explain how differentiated personalities and varieties come from non-differentiated impersonal substance.
We are not interested in reading Aurobindo and Vivekananda. If you want to present a particular viewpoint of theirs we are interested in arguing their ideas. In fact, we find their message to be fundamentally lacking in proper understanding and substance. Since this list is dedicated to discussion of the relation of science to religion, unless you have a specific point in reference to a philosopher or rishi, general prosylitizing of sectarian preferences will not be posted here to avoid divergence from our main topic of concern. I have already mentioned in this post, that if the aforementioned gentlemen accept the theory of evolution then we are showing that they, along with materialistic scientists, are misguided in their understanding of scientific evidence, scriptural conclusions and ontological reality.
Finally, your claim that "religion was always against science" shows a complete lack of any understanding of what has transpired in this list, and a complete lack of knowledge of the history of science, or of the Vedas. If this is what you have to show for your enlightenment by Aurobindo and Vivekananda, then you show them to be extremely poor teachers.  Bhakti Madhava Puri  View profile  
AVnet Login Thursday, 11 Feb Colibrì cafe, Sve dam ::: 4:00 PM
Book launch “The Journeying years – How we came to Auroville” - Compiled by Dianna with photographs by Nitzan You are invited for mint tea, chocolate cake and ice-cream to the lovely garden café of Colibri Well, Sve Dam On Thursday, February 11th from 4 to 6 pm If you are one of the 33 people in the book, please come and get your free complementary copy.
Monday, 08 Feb
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