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Matthijs Cornelissen speaks on The True, the Good and the Beautiful

February 15 at Sri Aurobindo Bhavan, 8 Shakespeare Sarani; 6.15 pm: Matthijs Cornelissen will speak on The True, the Good and the Beautiful. ... [AUM 2005 presenter: Matthijs Cornelissen
Matthijs Cornelissen is a member of the editorial team overseeing the publication of The Complete Works of Sri Aurobindo, and teaches integral psychology at ...]
The Five Sheaths of Consciousness in the Human Being « Sri ... By sriaurobindostudies 
The fourth, ever more subtle manifestation is the vijnanamaya kosha, the body consisting of “knowledge”, which corresponds to Sri Aurobindo's definition of the supramental level, and finally, the anandamaya kosha, or body / sheath ...
Love is the ultimate truth, that lies at the heart of creation: Sri Aurobindo - TheGodLight (Spiritual Truths) Twitter conversation.
Writes Sri Aurobindo, " There are many who lamenting the bygone glories of this great and ancient nation speak as if rishis of the old, the inspired ...
15 hours ago - Sri Aurobindo. "unlike the animal, aware of imperfection & limitation & feels that there is something to be attained beyond what he now is."
Sri Aurobindo. man has become conscious of soul & possibility of higher states of consciousness, discovered Self & Spirit.
Aurora Mirabilis: Rivero Youth Carnival 2010 at Risida, Odisha
Especially the youths who are conversant with the ideology of Mother and Sri Aurobindo are always adventurous, courageous, never feel to be defeated. Life is not only a challenge to them but adds many more expressions to their living. ...
Our Adventures: A Day Out to the Sunday Market in Pondy By Marc & Rae
Yesterday morning we went to the Savitiri Bahavn Centre to see an exhibition entitled: Sri Aurobindoand Mother, Finding the Psychic Being. The show consisted of a collection of photos of Sri Aurobindoand the Mother with writings and ...
Deb's Auroville Blog By debhm
Ramalingam navigated easily into Pondi, where we visited the hand-made paper factory operated by the Sri Aurobindo Ashram. The papers were beautiful, and after a lengthy visit we had selected papers of various colors, ...
The trek: some important take-aways - alexvsworld's posterous
This reminds me: I think I mentioned in my Auroville post that one night a big group of us watched a documentary on water. Well in this doco there was this amazing quote from an American Indian that I told myself I would have to track ...
Savitri Era Learning Forum: Dr. Anuradha Choudry firmly believes ...
'Relevance of the Vedic Sacrifice in Modern Times' in an International Conference, The Collective Yoga of Man: A World in Process, Centre for Indian Studies (Auroville, Jan 2007). 'A Discussion on Anupalabdhi' in a National Conference ...
21 hours ago - startlingly with Sri Aurobindo's conception than has Dr Andras Angyal. Dr Angyal,. formerly on the faculty at Yale University, is now in private practice as ...
The volumes are now lodged in the Archives Department, Government of SriLanka and ... VOC wired to Tilak and Aurobindo proposing Lala Lajpat Rai for the ...
Chesler Chronicles » I Do Not Like What's Happening. Do You? 12. MiamaMan: In India…what a mess with the Muslims.
Before partition, the only clear head was Sri Aurobindo. He knew what was coming. Not only was he against partition, but advised the Hindus to fight the Muslims to prevent it.
The pusillanimity of Gandhi, the impatience of Nehru, the intransigence of Jinnah, and finally the indecision of Lord Mountbatten, all come to mind.
Kashmir is the festering wound, before Palestine. The laboratory of Jihad for years. But who cared about those Indians dying? Pakistan, a failed country, an abortion of logic, with nuclear weapons.
e g r e g o r e s: Why Muslims and Christians Love ... by Apuleius Platonicus
Why did Hindus ignore the voices of sanity raised about the Mahatma's leadership by Sri Aurobindo, Swami Shraddhanand, Veer Savarkar, Bhai Parmanand, K.B. Hedgewar, M.S. Golwalkar - to cite the names of the most-notable?
The inspiration for "In Harmony"s Way" came not only from Sri Aurobindo"s yoga and his understanding of the Veda, but also from the yoga and works of Mother ...
Purity and Love, Aurobindo, techniques to fight faults ... by drbhavindave
Sri Aurobindo has decribed 2 ways to get rid of the faults (in the last steps) – either by extrusion into the environmental consciousness or by the light of God in the subconscient. I finally experienced both ways. ...
Georg Hegel, Charles Hartshorne, Abraham Joshua Heschel, Sri Aurobindo, John Cobb Jr., Ken Wilber and the Vancouver School of Theology's Sallie McFague. ...
He wanted to uphold Sri Krishna as not just a mythological figure, but an ideal Indian character, whom other Indians could look up to. Sri Aurobindo says ...
Society s growth and evolution, sri aurobindo, growth is taking place in the universe-- 
The worlds are just a playground of the you and I, the colorful mask of the two-in-one I am in you like you are in me, oh love." Sri Aurobindo ...
food,love and the soul: it's been awhile... By Indu
To Auroville. It's a global community living experiment of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram.. No i haven't joined the ashram, i don't now if i will though. I just live there.. So what do i do there?? Bask in my new found freedom for starters.. ...
Top Travel Hotspots By jangam jayakar
Auroville's Sounds of Silence. Legend associates ancient Puducherry with the great Hindu sage Agastya. Today there are over 350 churches, temples and mosques making it a virtual
Mecca for the devout of different religions. ...
India - Auroville - 2010: Marathon Day By Peter Choate 
Being somewhat close to the equator, in an environment where the mid day sun can get quite hot, it isn't natural to think that there may be a marathon run here in Auroville, south India - but there you are. Indeed, one was run today. ...
College Admissions Should Be a Breeze… « Batada/Brown Adventures ... By newdelhimuppets
Amrit has been accepted to
Mothers International School, which is associated with the Sri Aurobindo Education  Society.  Sri Aurobindo and the Mother were very well-followed spiritual leaders who promoted Integral Yoga, among other teachings.  I don’t know a lot yet but am interested to know more.  Amrit will have yoga in school, which I think is great.  And the campus is very simple and serene, along with its own child-worked vegetable garden, which I know Amrit will love.
Venue : AP 514, 8 th st, J Block, Annanagar , Chennai Event Schedule : 21-02-2010 Sri Aurobindo Society Centre is going to celebrate the 132nd birth anniversary of the Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram .There will be pushpaanjali, collective meditation and darshan message card distribution at the centre. Contact : Sri Aurobindo Society Centre
Monday, 15 Feb
Introduction to sustainable food growing ::: Buddha Garden ::: Mon ::: 10:00 AM
Ashtanga Yoga ::: Harmony (Auromodele) ::: Mon ::: 8:00 AM
Insight Seminar: Introduction to Auroville's Vision and Concept ::: Inside India Building in Auroshilpam (behind Auromode) ::: Mon ::: 10:30 AM
Trashion Show and Recycled Art Show ::: Gallery Square Circle: BASEMENT ::: Mon ::: 6:00 PM
GYROKINESIS® (Dynamic Yoga) Classes ::: Quiet Healing Centre ::: Mon ::: 8:30 AM
Photo Exhibition " The Mother in Japan " (till 28 Feb,) ::: Tibetan Pavilion ::: Mon ::: 8:00 AM
Noh Theatre Mask and Calligraphy Exhibition (till 20 Feb,) ::: Tibetan Pavilion ::: Mon ::: 9:00 AM
Calligraphy and Painting exhibition "Vertical Relation" ::: Pitanga, Samasti (till 18 Feb.) ::: Mon ::: 8:00 AM
Nandanam Open House ::: Nandanam School, Centre Field ::: Mon ::: 11:00 AM
Japanese Tea Ceremony Demonstration and Lecture by Soren Bisgaard ::: Sri Aurobindo Auditorium ::: Mon ::: 7:45 PM
Ayurvedic massage course ::: Aurodam Harmony hall ::: Mon ::: 9:00 AM
EXPLORING AUROVILLE ::: Center Guest-house ::: Mon ::: 9:00 AM
to the visitor ::: around Auroville ::: Mon ::: 11:00 AM

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