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To seek Truth freely and to approach it freely

Puducherry: A large number of people from different parts of the country visitedSri Aurobindo Ashram here in connection with the 132nd birth anniversary of ... - ChennaiOnline News
Re: Social Philosophy of Sri Aurobindo and the New Age by Kishor Gandhi—an Appraisal by RY Deshpande by. Month Archive ... 
We give the name of religion to any concept of the world or the universe which is presented as the exclusive Truth in which one must have an absolute faith, generally because this Truth is declared to be the result of a revelation. Most religions affirm the existence of a God and the rules to be followed to obey Him, but there are some Godless religions, such as socio-political organisations which, in the name of an Ideal or the State, claim the same right to be obeyed. To seek Truth freely and to approach it freely along his own lines is a man's right. But each one should know that his discovery is good for him alone and it is not to be imposed on others. The Mother, 13 May 1970 (CWM 13: 213)
Attend the Mother's 132nd birth anniversary at Sri Aurobindo Institute of Culture, 10.30am.
Sri Aurobindo Ashram: Talk on education and the widening of consciousness, Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Delhi Branch, 10 a.m. to 11.15 a.m.
Sri Aurobindo Society: Mother's anniversary celebration, AP-514, J Block, 8th St., Anna Nagar, 6 p.m.
Sri Aurobindo Society: Special meditation, 6 a.m.; talk on 'Meditation,' 3 Lajapathi Roy Road, Chinna Chokkikulam, 5.30 p.m.
Sri Aurobindo Devotees Prayer Group: Prayers to Sri Annai, Sasi Balika Vidya Mandir, Azad Road, 9.30 a.m.; Talk by Sri Rathnaswamy, Sri Annai Meditation ...
The 132nd birth anniversary of the Mother of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram here would be celebrtrated tomorrow. More than 12,000 devotees from different parts of the country were expected to visist the Ashram tomorrow to pay
homage at the samadhis of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, the Ashram sources told PTI today.
A mass meditation programme would be organised in front of the samadhis of the two spiritual leaders as part of the
programme, the sources said. The Mother (Mirra Alfassa) was born in
France in 1878 and came uducherry in 1920 to collaborate with the spiritual
experiments of Sri Aurobindo. The Mother attained `mukthi` on
November 17, 1973.
Sri Aurobindo corrects this notion by making it clear that the source of our existence, and its meaning, comes from Sat-Chit-Ananda and not from ...
It is one thing to recognize that there is a goal and a significance to life in principle. It is quite another to take this possibility and recognize it as a real and effective potentiality, and therefrom to see the process, the plan and the effective action that brings it about.
Sri Aurobindo takes this next step as he discusses the order and plan of the manifestation… It is not possible nor feasible for the manifested universe to have sprung up from nothing, with no form, no plan, no conscious intention, and no substance or foundation, existing in some kind of void.
'When Sri Aurobindo announced that he was bringing something entirely new into the Earth's atmosphere and revolutionising the world of the Spirit, he meant what he was stating very seriously. Far more seriously than what most people believe. That is they do not have any idea of what such a statement implies. . . .'
- Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (Thea)
'The Void where Thought was born' as
Remembering The Mother from All choice by Barindranath Chaki 
The Supreme Consciousness, Parama, and The Supreme Conscious Force, Parashakti, both came to this our Earth, as human beings, so that we, the human beings, can yearn and long and hope for becoming divine beings, the supramental beings, in due course of Time… Please visit ASPIRATION  The New Horizon  All choice  The New Platform  Barin Chaki
Barindranath Chaki commented on Dr. S.Ramakrishnan's blog post 'What Music you should play for maditation?'
A highly valuable and helpful blog! During Meditation, I use very often use The Mother's music and also Sunil-da's music. Or else, the meditation is quite silent. I will download the Ambient meditation music.
A blog post by kalpana was featured
....reading/re-visiting Notes on the Way and The Agenda [1972...] In these accounts, one feels even more strongly what a remarkable person the Mother was in her human body, and the dreadful mass of inertia/hostility which She was encountering. In…
...even if one feels one has 'slumped back', no effort goes to waste, as the Gita promises... May strength be given to all for the March ahead!
We should definitely march ahead, for, that is the only Way! An august reference!
We should never ever forget 21 February 1952, the day history was made when cultural nationalism triumphed over Mohammed Ali Jinnah's bogus Islamic nationalism. On that day, Bangla emerged victorious in its battle against Urdu, drenched in the blood of young martyrs of Dhaka University.
On this glorious day, I greet Bangalis across the world and salute the martyrs of Ekushe February. Joy Bangla! Bangla'r maati, Bangla'r jol..., O Amar Sonar Bangla...
Sri Aurobindo. two poles of seeking: negative pole of spiritual urge seeks to achieve spirit by renouncing material and life in the world.
On 24 April 1920 she returned to Pondicherry to resume her  collaboration with Sri Aurobindo, and remained here for the rest of her life.
At that time a small group of disciples had gathered around Sri Aurobindo. The increase of disciples led to the founding of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram on the 24th Nov, 1926. From the beginning Sri Aurobindo entrusted the Mother with full material and spiritual charge of the Ashram. After almost 50 years of work at every level, the Mother left her body on 17th Nov. 1973, at the age of ninety five.
I love mother very much.. For past 9 yrs, i had been an ardent devotee of her’s… such a lovely person.. I  feel that if we have our constant prayers to her regularly, our wishes are kept fulfilled… “LOVE U MAA………” Srevidhya
A simple homemaker who enjoys doing variety of cuisines, shopping and travelling…….
Dee Sunshine: A Last Word On Auroville By Dee Sunshine
It's just a shame that people don't yet know how to come together, live in harmony, and welcome in curious strangers. As for the Matrimandir, well it kicks ass and Auroville is well worth a visit for that reason alone. ...
through Vivekananda, Dayananda, B. G. Tilak, and Sri Aurobindo and others like them, who looked to Hindu thought through the Vedas, ...  Dikshit, K.N. Shastri, Sri Aurobindo, Hermann Jacobi, S.R. Rao, Dayananda Saraswati, Subash Kak, David Frawley and B.G. Siddharth. The ...
Savitri Era Open Forum: Intellectual Property theft committed by ...
[Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.] Director, Savitri Era Learning Forum. [SELF posits a model of counselling and communicative ...
CARNATIC FLUTE RECITAL Written by Andrea   Saturday, 20 February 2010
On the 1st of February 2010 at the Sri Aurobindo Auditorium in Bharat Nivas, Gordon Korstange presented a Carnatic flute recital accompanied by Umayalpuram Mali (mridangam) and Sri Balasundaram (violin).
"I think about the 25 years I've been learning Carnatic music. I've had to become a musician without any background in western music; have constantly felt ignorant of things Indian musicians take for granted; have constantly wondered whether my music is authentic; and have spent most of my time hidden away in my practice room with a tanpora and photos of famous singer-saints on the walls alongside those of Sri Aurobindo and Mother. Does it sound a little like doing Their Yoga in the
USA? Yes, a similar sense, often, of dislocation, of gap between inner and outer lives, of manifold insecurities in the face of a materialistic culture--a culture which is us. My quavering aspiration sends flute sounds floating out on Lake Winnepasakee, but who's really listening?" - Gordon Korstange
An excerpt from  'Collaboration - Journal of the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, Summer 1995, Vol. 21, No. 1.
Puducherry is frequented by foreign nationals, because of its French connection and Sri Aurobindo Ashram and Auroville. The police department has geared up ...
Security tightened in Puducherry The Hindu
Vigil has been enhanced in Auroville, in Villupuram district, with Tamil Nadu police, it was learnt. Security in and around Aurobindo Ashram, ...
Sunday, 21 Feb
Ashtanga Yoga ::: Harmony (Auromodele) ::: Sun ::: 8:00 AM
Trashion Show and Recycled Art Show (till 7th March) ::: Gallery Square Circle: BASEMENT ::: Sun ::: 6:00 PM
Body Consciousness and Dance improvisation ::: New Creation Dance Studio ::: Sun ::: 9:30 AM
to the visitor ::: around Auroville ::: Sun ::: 11:00 AM
Photo Exhibition " The Mother in Japan " (till 28 Feb,) ::: Tibetan Pavilion ::: Sun ::: 8:00 AM
Ikebana exhibition ::: Hall of Light, Creativity ::: Sun ::: 9:00 AM
  Meditation on the Mother`s Birthday ::: Amphitheater Matrimandir ::: Sun ::: 6:00 AM
for Mother`s birthday : a film at Savitri Bhavan ::: Savitri Bhavan ::: Sun ::: 7:00 PM
Another Way of Tea:Group Show by Auroville Artists ::: Gallery Square Circle: Kala Kendra: ::: Sun ::: 10:00 AM

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