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Savitri in its pure form I find in the manuscripts of Sri Aurobindo

Event: Sri Aurobindo Bhavan  Calcutta Telegraph
March 26 at Sri Aurobindo Bhavan, 8 Shakespeare Sarani; 5 pm: Sonar Tari Kalakendra presents Shesh Basanta, with songs by Debarati Som, Saikat Mitra, ...
The latent Consciousness within Matter « Integral Yoga of Sri ... by Sandeep
Matter, according to Sri Aurobindo, is the “result of a certain power and action of consciousness which presents forms of itself to sense perception and it is this quality of sense-perceivedness, so to speak, that gives them the ...
Regarding the connection between time and memory, Sri Aurobindo said, “Memory is not the essence of persistent or continuous experience even in the succession of Time and would not be necessary at all if our consciousness were of an ...
Explanations for the Existence and Manifestation of the Universe ... by sriaurobindostudies
One would rather expect the machinery to replicate the forms of its machinery than to develop sentience that exceeds the earlier forms. reference: Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part I, Chapter 1, Indeterminates, ...
You may make lemonades out of lemons thrown at you; you may also build a temple out of stones thrown at you or even simply brush them aside as few inevitable thorns that are bound to come each one's way when you cross the path or engage in the battle of the future. Even death means nothing to one whose life is given to love and serve the Lord.
But what do you do with the stones that are thrown at the Lord Himself? .....practice dignified silence and preach the virtues of inaction! Or take sannyasa and run away leaving the field to all that is hostile and denies the Light ....or wash one's hands and keep them clean of all personal stain and be popular among fools, hailed as the paragon of virtues and kindness? But the very same virtues collapse at the slightest personal grudge, a very convenient virtuosity one must say, a highly preferential one to boot. Or an inversion of values and thereby an adharma, a falsehood and an untruth since it places a wrong stress on things, uses spiritual justifications for personal weakness, ego preferences and cowardice. […]
The real issue is neither the court cases nor the internet blogs, but the book written by one Mr PH who has stolen the material entrusted to him and misused the trust placed upon him for furthering his personal ambition; and worse still to malign the very center and core of the fount of Life and Love in which he along with many others dwell and breathe. To accept this is to accept anything and everything, for all else derives from it. What value does anyone of us have except for Him? What is the worth of any of us without Him? Who would care if after this, any person or institution is disfigured, criticized, or insulted, since if this can be condoned then all can be condoned. Is this the fall-out of the silence so difficult to see? [Re: Of the sly and insidious Method ... if people hurl bricks at you]
Alok is speaking of “dignified silence”. There is another brand of it also, of “vindictive silence”. While one could have a certain elevating nobility, the other is utter shamelessness. As a professional psychologist, may I request Alok to dilate more on these matters? Thanks.
If I recollect well, it took some 20 years for the study of the earlier editions and the manuscripts to finally arrive at the latest 1993 edition, which I have understood is the most authentic reproduction of Sri Aurobindo's Savitri, ...
Of Course I too want to have Savitri exactly as Sri Aurobindo wrote it. Mr. RYD should not think that he is the only one who likes to have Savitri in its pure form. The difference is that for me the Savitri that was created by Sri Aurobndo was the text of Savitri that I find in the manuscripts of Sri Aurobindo and not what had been done thereafter based on those manuscripts, by some typesetter in the press unless of course if that typesetter could faithfully reproduce in the printed version exactly what Sri Aurobindo had written in his manuscripts, which I understand has been best achieved in the 1993 edition. What came out from Sri Aurobindo directly was what he wrote with his pen - that alone according to me can, if at all, be called "sacred".
So Mr. RYD should not try to impose on us his dogma that the only true and pure form of Savitri is what the type-setter did in the Printing Press before 1951! 

Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother. ... Sri Aurobindo: A Contemporary Reader Edited by Sachidananda Mohanty, Routledge India, ...
Circumsolatious: Asura, Ahriman and the Cosmic Order by Lori Tompkins
In The Secret of the Veda, Sri Aurobindo defines Asuryam as 'the god-power, the mastering force of the Lord, the divine Asura in us.' (p. 427) He also refers to asura in the positive when discussing the Angiras Rishis: ...
In The Tropical Year, Aries, Symbolism & Perspective I wrote: 'The symbol of Aries can easily be seen to be akin to a sprouting seed. What is often not considered is that the Aries image is not only a reference to a sprouted seed, or new birth, but also to the full flowering of the seed or the full unfolding of the Circle/Year.' I posted a few images that may help readers appreciate the
Gopal, you have shared some of the problems many of us face - our nature/conditioning etc keeps drawing us way from the Psychic, from the Divine a gravitational pull. These means that structurally our engines are not yet strong enough for ta… from ASPIRATION - Aspiration is a call to the Divine. — The Mother
Mirror of Tomorrow :: Jyotirmoyee—by Anurag Banerjee (C) by RY Deshpande
Sri Aurobindo: dhrubo dipon dhāra is no doubt good poetry and very good poetry but is a purely external image and gives no subjective vibration, while J's line does. The objection that stars do not get noto [bent] stands only if the ...
In 1976 Jyotirmoyee at last found a shelter where she could spend the last years of her life peacefully. It was the Cheshire’s Home at Tollygunje, Calcutta whose in-charge was Nirmal Chandra Ghose. There she was looked after well. In 1981 when Sunanda Barua went to meet her with her husband, she found that Jyotirmoyee, who had become semi-blind, was getting adequate care and affection from the people of Cheshire’s Home. That was the last time the relatives of Jyotitmoyee saw her alive. Some months later on 14 November 1981, Jyotirmoyee breathed her last. At last the soul was freed from the body which suffered infinitely. For her, death was not the dark, unknown world; it was the medium of liberation—MUKTI! 
Ghatotkacha's blog: Prominent Persons Comments On The Moplah Rebellion by Ghatotkacha
While commenting on Gandhi and his policy of Muslim appeasement, behind the façade of non-violence, Sri Aurobindo once said, "India will be free to the extent it succeeds in shaking off the spell of Gandhism." ...
Vivekananda: Born Great by blog of krishna
In the words of the great seer, Sri Aurobindo, “His spirit was like a sea of living fire!” In later years, talking to his disciple, Mr. E.T. Sturdy in
England, Swamiji had said, “In my childhood, I used to observe an inexhaustible ...
Spirituality Smart: Neo-Advaita Demystified by Smart Guy Blogger
These words by the Indian sage Sri Aurobindo, refer to what he called the Intermediate Zone, a dangerous and misleading transitional spiritual and pseudo-spiritual region between the ordinary consciousness of the outer being and True ...
Every outstanding person who has contributed for development of human society (in terms of freedom fighter, scientists, philosopher, spiritual guru) has perfect self knowledge (Atmo Gyan) and knows his true nature (prakriti). This is true for Swami Vivekananda to Sri Aurobindo to Netaji or Satyen Bose or Jagadish Chandra Bose, Prafulla Chandra Roy (founder of Bengal chemical lab) . All these people have a common nature that is their mind is tremendously calm and quiet like quiet water in a lake. The outside picture can be reflected on the water of lake if and only if the water is calm and quite. Similarly a man can also bring the equanimity of mind if he can remove all the disturbance from mind and concentrate on himself to bring the best from him. […]
The biggest challenge lies to create the next generation leaders who will work on it similar way with dedication even though they have gained name fame and money. For example Shantiniketan, Rabindra nath thakur had established it for making a man making institution, who will have all kind of social, economic, arts, history knowledge and will deliver good human being for society but after Amlan Datta, Pannalal Das gupta there are none in the next generation.
Consider Sri Aurobindo ashram in Pondicherry, same crisis, people from USA has strong hold over the Ashram through the Indian authorities. People from USA are modifying the holy book “Savitri” and making perverted meaning out of it. My family has been fighting a litigation case in several high court including Kolkata, Madras, Delhi on this issue.
help-your-child-with-anger: Sri Aurobindo, the Ascension and a New ... by Bianca Tora
In the face of media reports of doom and gloom, Windriver takes sustenance from the prophetic wisdom of yogi-sage Sri Aurobindo ( 1872-1950) who foresaw a new stage in the evolution of mankind. Together with French mystic Mira Alfassa, ...
Film Appreciation workshop with Shri P.K. Nair « Magic Lantern ... by mlfblog
Twilight Film Club of Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts & Communication organizes a 5 day introductory workshop on Film appreciation with legendary film historian and archivist P. K. Nair. This course will initiate the participants into ...
Vladimir Yatsenko Studied in Poona University, Department of Sanskrit and Prakrit Studies, Vyakaranam, Panini Ashtadhyayi ...He is doing his "Doctorate in Sri Aurobindo's Thought" with SACAR (Sri Aurobindo Center for Advance Research) and HUA (Hindu University of America) ...
constant ramblings: It's getting hot in here: the human body is ...By lindy mae 
I wake up to the ocean breezes past the palm thatched bungalow I've managed to score within a week of staying in Auroville. This place is owned by a small French man who's name floats between “Parvati” and “Pravitah” so I simply call ...
Auroville: An Architectural Laboratory
Auroville, named after Sri Aurobindo, dedicated to achieving ... since Auroville's inception. Without predefined bylaws or being bound by the conventions of ...
French connection Express Buzz
The '
Auroville Beach', an ideal place for swimming with its shallow waters and small waves, is located at about 12 km from the main town neighbouring ...                                                                              
Friday, 26 Mar
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