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Sri Aurobindo was supremely erudite and engaged the thought currents of the time

A four page article which was presented by Richard Hartz at an Auroville seminar discusses the related concepts of progress and evolution. He considers the forces tending towards the Future and those forces that pull backwards towards ...
In the book, Peter treats Sri Aurobindo as an ordinary mortal, who was as vulnerable as any normal human being. He finds that Sri Aurobindo is no ...
A little consideration will show that all the movements mentioned above do occur and the evolutionary progress is never a simple linear movement. Progress is the result of complex and heterogeneous forces. It can be more accurately described as a spiral motion, with swift advances and perhaps more often, discouraging recoils. It is the recognition of this truth that Indian thought expressed in the concept of the Yugas: Satya, Dwapara, Treta and the Kali. There is a slow decline of values tending downwards and ending in a complete chaos from which emerges once again the Satya Yuga when Harmony, Light and Truth are established at a higher level. Then the cycle begins all over again…
The testimony of history is there for all to see — the sale of indulgences, the Crusades, the burning of witches at the stake. But in India, the reigning idea has always been to see and do everything with reference to God. Sarvam Khalu Idam Brahman. No festival, no social function, no important occasion is ever observed without bringing in the Divine.
Sri Aurobindo’s Marriage—a discussion by Raman Reddy Comment posted by: Kepler
I see auroman has been doing his homework. He is perhaps becoming an example of a disciple of Sri Aurobindo awakening his intellect to take on the challenge of engaging contemporary intellectual culture. It may be a task largely irrelevant to anyone’s inner sadhana, but still somewhat relevant to expression and life in the world. Sri Aurobindo was supremely erudite and obviously bothered in his writings to engage the thought currents of the time – a time now almost 100 years ago. So thought currents have changed and it shouldn't hurt to have a few more followers of Sri Aurobindo able to credibly "dialog" with contemporary mental life and culture.
To put it differently, one can say that the mind alters in the following ways through Yoga.
  1. Instead of functioning indirectly through abstractions, it begins gliding in direct touch with reality.
  2. Instead of holding past knowledge in memory, it exhibits an effortless acquisition of spontaneous knowledge of the past, present and future – all of which is already present in the Universal Consciousness.
  3. Instead of being ensnared in partial truths, it radiates a plenary, all-sided and inner knowledge of reality.
  4. Instead of stumbling through the reasoning process, it displays irresistible intuition.
  5. Instead of relying on the input of the five senses, it is aided by direct inner contact with object consciousness.
Sri Aurobindo identified various stages in this mental transformation which he denoted as the Higher Mind, the Illumined Mind, the Intuitive Mind, the Overmind and the Supermind. The Higher Mind works from a broad holistic perspective ...

Further Manifestations of the Overmental Consciousness « Sri ... By sriaurobindostudies
Sri Aurobindo calls forth the imagery of the Isha Upanishad when he describes “the Vedic image of the Sun of Truth,–an image which in tihs experience becomes a reality…” He goes on to indicate that this imagery is in fact a ...
Savitri: the Light of the Supreme :: 05: Aswapati's Yoga-Tapasya ... by RY Deshpande
In a letter about the physical's mind, Sri Aurobindo writes: (Letters on Yoga, p. 340). Mind… is everywhere. The physical mind is technically placed below the vital and yet it is a prolongation of the mind proper and one that can act in ...
''The world is as it is - full of smallness and obscurity - the Divine alone is Light and Vastness, Truth and Compassion. So, take refuge in the divine and do not care for the smallness of the world, do not let it disturb you. Keep only the Divine…
And if you look back you will say, "It is not possible, I was never like that!"- The Mother [CWMCE, 4:261-62] "To understand the scriptures, it is not enough to be a scholar, one must be a soul." - Sri Aurobindo. To look back, indeed one must be a… from ASPIRATION - Aspiration is a call to the Divine. — The Mother
The lure of Auroville too adds to the numbers. In view of this, the modest courtyard which contributed incredible books like The Life Divine and Savitri to the world can never lose its signal significance. [TNM]...
For, how the youth of today perceives the role of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is far more pertinent than what exactly the Masters wrote half a century or so earlier. All interpretation of their vision, therefore, must acquire perspective ...
the Orchid and the rOse: Maltz found that his patients often had ...
Ghaziabad, U.P., India: President, Savitri Era Party. [ Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother. ...
Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. .... Joint Programme in Sri Aurobindo Studies by IGNOU and SACAR ...
Because Thou Art: Abanindranath's art was a hermeneutic ...
RANA SIDDIQUI ZAMAN. Tusar N. Mohapatra:
Ghaziabad, U.P., India: President, Savitri Era Party. ...
Just to show you how much overlap there is over the vertical horizon, I will leave you with a couple of quotes from Sri Aurobindo that have ...
A Multinational Township as a Revitalization Movement: A Case Study on Auroville in South India University essay from Lunds universitet/Socialantropologi AUTHOR: Magnus Thor; [2010] ABSTRACT: Auroville is a spiritual intentional community in South India. It consists mainly of Westerners and Indians and they share a common belief in the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, a philosophy that has clear references to the New Age Movement in the West. I have in this thesis pointed to the cultural exchange that has taken place between the Western world and India, resulting in an influence of Hindu attributes in the West, and Western ideas in India. This acculturation process has resulted in the formation of the neo-Hindu movement (which Aurobindo is a part of) in India and the New Age movement in the West, both sharing common key ideas. This cultural exchange has also resulted in Westerners seeking to India and Auroville, in relation to hegemonic decline, in a way to construct new identities and find new loyalties, thus promoting a new socio-cultural system to the West. Auroville is here seen as a social space from where to direct culture critique, through international engagement, and diffusion by example. It is also a social space uphold financially and legally by the Indian government, thus make it possible for Westerners to mobilize in complex multinational formations as a comprehensive force, and can thus be understood through the lens of revitalization theory. The Purpose with this thesis has been to answer to Anthony Wallace’s suggestion for further elaboration with revitalization theory, in a way to increase our understanding of this special kind of culture change.
I had a Sri Aurobindo's spiritual initiation that brought me to Pondicherry. i am not an ashramite, I stay at my own. It pinches me a lot when I see badly ...
Sri Aurobindo - Uttarpara Speech - Part 1 video on Download videos in flv, mp4, avi formats easily on
On the 29th of Jan 2010, All Aurovillans of goodwill mobilised themselves to challenge the problem of waste bringing awareness to the community as well as ...
constant ramblings: Auroville By lindy mae
I finally made it to destination: Auroville. Near
Pondicherry, I have been planning to be here for a while. Right away, I find myself meeting the people, the Universal Aurovillians. This place, a city built around the vision of Sri ...
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MUSIC OPEN HOUSE Written by Radio Team   Thursday, 11 March 2010
On the 10 of March a shortly announced Music Open House was performed. Kids from the 1st till the 8th grade gatherd on the Transition's school small amphiteater in the early afternoon. Parents and friends claps and enjoied the performance. The choir was conducted by Nuria and accompanied by Matt on piano and Saga on guitar. Listen and enjoy the voices of the Auroville's kids and the passionate participation of the audience.
CULTURE ALL AROUND Written by Nadine   Wednesday, 10 March 2010
Today's news features some singing from the Auroville Renaissance Capella, this week performing at several places in and around Auroville. Their sacred polyphonic a cappella motets by English, Flemish, French & Italian 16th Century composers are simply lovely to listen to. Also in the news: the opening of the Ramayana Festival 2010 in Pondicherry, the exhibition of the German artist Brigitta Volz, who shows her flowerprints in the  Aurodhan Art Gallery, and the concert by The Brand New Band at Visitor's Center, featuring an eclectic electric mix of sound together with the Auroville Kids Choir, all happening this Friday.
Thursday, 11 Mar
Ashtanga yoga daily class ::: Harmony (Auromodele/Petite Ferme) ::: Thu ::: 8:00 AM
Kirtan! Singing Devotional songs from India ::: Verite Hall ::: Thu ::: 5:30 PM
GYROKINESIS® (Dynamic Yoga) Classes with Dodo ::: Quiet Healing Center ::: Thu ::: 8:30 AM
9th "No More Pesticides"- Exhibition ::: open field opposite Solar Kitchen (except Tuesdays) ::: Thu ::: 2:00 PM
Insight Seminar: Eco-Restoration in Auroville ::: Inside India Building in Auroshilpam (behind Auromode) ::: Thu ::: 10:30 AM
Auroville Renaissance Cappella ::: Pitanga, Ashram, Adishakti, Notre Dame Pondy, Tibetan Pavilion ::: Thu ::: 8:00 PM
Mudra Chi (in French and English) ::: Savitri Bhavan ::: Thu ::: 5:00 PM
Ramayana Festival ::: Adishakti ::: Thu ::: 7:00 PM
Photo-Graphic Exhibition "La Forêt Enchantée" ::: Pitanga ::: Thu ::: 8:00 AM
Savitri at the Amphitheater ::: Amphitheatre Matrimandir ::: Thu ::: 6:00 PM
Friday, 12 Mar
Ashtanga yoga daily class ::: Harmony (Auromodele/Petite Ferme) ::: Fri ::: 8:00 AM
Yoga & Sophrology with Sandra ::: Quiet Healing Center ::: Fri ::: 4:00 PM
9th "No More Pesticides"- Exhibition ::: open field opposite Solar Kitchen (except Tuesdays) ::: Fri ::: 2:00 PM
Auroville Renaissance Cappella ::: Pitanga, Ashram, Adishakti, Notre Dame Pondy, Tibetan Pavilion ::: Fri ::: 8:00 PM
Ramayana Festival ::: Adishakti ::: Fri ::: 7:00 PM
C I N E M A - "All is Forgiven" - "Tout est pardonné" ::: Bharat Nivas, Auditorium ::: Fri ::: 7:45 PM
THE BRAND NEW BAND PERFORMING LIVE! ::: Visitor's Center ::: Fri ::: 8:00 PM
Photo-Graphic Exhibition "La Forêt Enchantée" ::: Pitanga ::: Fri ::: 8:00 AM

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