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Their coming together, on 29 March 1914, therefore marks the beginning of the Path of Descent

PUDUCHERRY: The Department of English, Pondicherry University is organising a two-day national conference on “Re-reading Sri Aurobindo” on March 4 and 5. A total of 10 sessions grouped under five topics will be held during the conference…; said S. Murali, Head of Department, English and co-ordinator of the conference. The conference comes in the light of 100th year of Sri Aurobindo's arrival in Puducherry which falls on April 4. “Thus, the need for re-reading Sri Aurobindo in an academic forum, looking at his influence on culture studies, philosophy, literary theory and many more,” he explained… Talk on significance of Sri Aurobindo, overview of Aurobindo's works and relevance of Sri Aurobindo will be part of the event. A round table on “visions of the future” will also be held, he said.
For The Turnstiles By DGA
To give some context on this, consider the case of Sean Kelly's book on Jung and Hegel (Kelly is an important figure at the California Institute of Integral Studies, an explicitly Aurobindian institution where a lot of important work is ...
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For The Turnstiles By DGA
Vitvan, as near as I can tell, did not have significant knowledge of Aurobindo's work until his own was well established, in fact crystallized from many of the same sources as Aurobindo himself had been exposed to (Shaktism, ...
Savitri Era Learning Forum: Sri Aurobindo's theory of history and ...
What, precisely, is the relationship of Aurobindo's theory of history and evolution in time to Hegel's, and to German idealism generally? This question demands a close reading of the relevant texts, of course, but it also calls for a ...
Sri Aurobindo (from the message broadcast on the eve of August 15, 1947). Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. ...
Alchemy and Energy: We Can Be Heroes By jennifer boose
It has been predicted as Homo progressivus (Teilhard de Chardin), Gnostic Human (Sri Aurobindo), Homo sapiens, sapiens, sapiens (Peter Russell), Homo noeticus (John White), Homo universalist (my own favourite name). ...
Cosmic Connection: Forecast for Wednesday 3 March 2010 by Cosmic Piper
Sri Aurobindo and Alfred North Whitehead could help you do that, and perhaps also the philosopher Schelling; and indeed Martin Buber with his concept of the Eternal Thou. The real G*d does not pound you into a corner but liberates you. ... [Sri Aurobindo and Whitehead on the nature of God Satya Prakash Singh The absolute in Sri Aurobindo and Alfred North Whitehead Jagdish Narayan]
The question that Sri Aurobindo raises for us is that none of this actually represents anything that can be clearly seen to be outside the parameters of mental action. Sri Aurobindo points out that there are however various experiences ...
The fact that humans tend to interpret, to add mental frameworks, logic and analysis to the pure inspiration, to develop specific dogmatic or religiously inspired forms to these inspirations does not change the underlying reality of that experience as part of the development of mankind. This is a virtually universal phenomenon and is a signpost of the infinite appearing in the finite realms we inhabit and beckoning us to strive for that next evolutionary stage that is waiting just beyond the limits of the mind. reference: Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Chapter 28, Supermind, Mind and the Overmind Maya
Written by Shraddhavan   Tuesday, 02 March 2010
 A talk by Sraddhalu Ranade at Savitri Bhavan on Saturday February 20.
The Psychic realisation is the first of three realisations aimed at in the Integral Yoga. The psychic being is the evolving representative of the Divine Truth deep within each of us. When it can open and come forward to lead the whole life, it may produce a first transformation of the whole nature, and prepares the way towards the spiritual and supramental realisations.
Sraddhalu Ranade has grown up in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram under the guidance of his mentor the late M.P. Pandit, and is a much appreciated speaker on the Integral Yoga worldwide. [This week you are invited to read: The birth of Auroville]
The Future Poetry Part Two Chapter VI The Form and the Spirit by ... By rcarlson
The essential and decisive step of the future art of poetry will perhaps be to discover that it is not the form which either fixes or reveals the spirit but the spirit which makes out of itself the form and the word and this with so ...
It is interesting to look at other poetic criticism from the same time that Sri Aurobindo was writing Future Poetry to see that many of his concerns were ...
Simply superb! And this was before they met! In other words, they both had already covered the Path of Ascent. Their coming together, on 29 March 1914, therefore marks the beginning of the Path of Descent, the work for which they had come, and the work which they had to do together.
It is most unfortunate that these aspects are missing in the Lives of Sri Aurobindo published by the Columbia University Press; in fact there cannot be anything more ridiculous than saying Sri Aurobindo was busy with the Ascent towards Supermind during the period 1914-25. Perceptive students of Sri Aurobindo’s works must be careful about such misrepresentations, if not falsifications. And thanks, Auroman. ~ RYD
Presidential Address: Can India Be Reported? Journalists, Diplomats, and Scholars in Cross-cultural Communication by Richard L. Park, The Journal of Asian Studies, Nov., 1979, Association for Asian Studies Surendra Mohan Ghosh was an unknown abroad and little known in India, but he helped to shape my understanding of India and much of what I havetaught and written about it. [India's Political System (Comparative Asian Governments Series)]
Reaching SASK (Sri Aurobindo Sadhana Kendra (SASK))
Sri Aurobindo Sadhana Kendra is located at. 63, Yashkamal Housing Society,. Opposite Dr. Jivaraj Mehta Memorial Hospital,. Vasana Area,. Ahmedabad-380007 ...
This is the central theme of Sri Aurobindo's vision of evolution of life into a 'life divine'.The author of Nesam Nadia Nenjam Puduvai Ra Rajani.
Auroville Institute for Design, Energy and Water (DEW Institute) By Inde
Water resources management - study and implementation of groundwater recharge within the bioregion; Ground water quantification modeling, rainwater harvesting and storage, protection of water resources forAuroville bioregion area; ...
Ikebana and us: Sogetsu Ikebana at Auroville - a set on Flickr By flowergirl
Sogetsu Ikebana at Auroville - a set on Flickr · Sogetsu Ikebana at Auroville - a set on Flickr. As you wait for me to upload the Ikebana Chennai photos, enjoy this set! Posted by flowergirl at
8:35 AM ...
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