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Sri Aurobindo refuted the theory that the Dravidians and the Aryans were two different peoples

Further Understanding of the Overmind « Sri Aurobindo Studies
Sri Aurobindo uses the Vedic conception of numerous Gods to help us understand the action of the overmental consciousness. Regarding the vast number of Gods in the Vedic cosmology, “it is said they are all one Existence to which the ...
Ancient Indian History « Ashokmehta's Blog By ashokmehta
However, even as early as 1926, enlightened minds like Sri Aurobindo challenged the European view of the Vedas. He said ‘thus there emerged in my mind a Veda which was throughout the Scripture of a great and antique religion already equipped with a profound psychological discipline, -a Scripture not confused in thought or primitive in its substance, not a medley of heterogeneous or barbarous elements, but one, complete and self-conscious in its purpose and in its purport, veiled indeed by the cover, sometimes thick, sometimes transparent, of another and material sense, but never losing sight even for a single moment of its high spiritual aim and tendency’
Sri Aurobindo, on the basis of his prolonged observation of the physical characteristics of the Dravidians, refuted the theory that the Dravidians of the Aryans were two different peoples.
But then though Sri Aurobindo was one of the greatest of sages, he was not a historian. However, in the last two or three decades a new breed of historians, both Indian and foreign, has sprung up and systematically examined the old theories of ancient Indian history and discarded them. They have based their findings on scientific and empirical evidence. Persons like Dr. N.S. Rajaram, S R Rao, David Frawley, Konard Elts and François Gautier and many more have successfully challenged the theories of Max Mueller and his followers both Indian and foreign, like Romilla Thapar and many others. This blog is based on findings of persons like Dr. NS Rajaram and the others mentioned above and on the findings of bodies like ISRO and the genetic evidence discovered during the last decade or so.
I first take up the Aryan invasion theory and its timing. Broadly, the theory is that the Aryans were in all probability Caucasians who invaded
India from the north-west in about 1500 BC. [The Invasion That Never Was Michel Danino, Danino, Nahar (Paperback - Mar 1, 1996), Eclipse of the Hindu Nation: Gandhi and His Freedom Struggle Radha, Rajan (Hardcover - Feb 1, 2009), Gandhi: A Sublime Failure S. S. Gill (Paperback - Feb 2005)]
How did you get into the work you do now? by Mark Barnett — Gaia ... by manofflowerz
Dharma means literally that which one lays hold of and which holds things together, the law, the norm, the rule of nature, action and life. Excerpt from Essays on the Gita, by Sri Aurobindo. Access_public Access: Public What do you ...
In case I was unclear about it before, I wrote this item precisely for the eyes of my friends who care deeply about Aurobindo and Aurobindian philosophy. The question I pose there has interesting consequences vis a vis political thought in this context if considered in earnest.
So I ask: how might the claims made about intellectual history on behalf of World-Spiritual history in Aurobindo Ghose, Ken Wilber, or Richard Tarnas among others be adjusted if they accounted more properly for these flowerings in the garden as well as the European and Hindu traditions?
For The Turnstiles By DGA
Are contemporary Baha'is reading Wilber or Aurobindo, and if so, how are they responding to it? Alternatively, how aware of Baha'i doctrine might Wilber or more interestingly Aurobindo have been? Finally, for the Integral people: if you ...
Found this stated in one of the published papers on Vedic Sciences/World Symposium/2004/Bangalore. At the moment that volume is not with me. But I have noted this quotation in a hurry. Soon, I will try to get that volume and search for the source. from ASPIRATION - Aspiration is a call to the Divine. — The Mother
Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother. ... Sri Aurobindo: A Contemporary Reader Edited by Sachidananda Mohanty, Routledge India, ...
Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. ... Re: Sri Aurobindo's Marriage—a discussion by Raman Reddy pertaining to a few aspects in ...
Foremost among these were the Indian philosopher-sage Sri Aurobindo, the French philosopher Henri Bergson, and the French paleontologist and Catholic priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. Other key figures included the American essayist . ...
Marketime: Chamar subversion of high-caste ideals and practices
Sri Aurobindo (from the message broadcast on the eve of
August 15, 1947). Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. ...
Portrait of an artist Calcutta Telegraph
a group show of ceramic works by Auroville potters. The exhibition continues till March 20, except Sunday,
10 am to 7 pm. Till March 13 at Rotary Sadan; ...
AurovilleRadio - Psychic realization & transformation in Integral Yoga
The Psychic realisation is the first of three realisations aimed at in the Integral Yoga. The psychic being is the evolving representative of the Divine ...
CLASSICAL AND TANGO RECITAL Written by Jonathan   Saturday, 13 March 2010
For the second time, international players duo Anna Adamik on piano, and Martin Merker on cello offered a Classical and Tango Music Recital to Auroville. After Pitanga the 9th of February, they performed at Shanta and Heinrich's Salle Auropax,
in Auromodele on February the 13th. The audience traveled from
Vienna (Beethoven), to Buenos Aires (Bragato, Piazzolla) and Rio de Janeiro during the 'more' (Mignone). Miss Adamik started with a piano solo, and Mr Merker came along later. To downlaod the recital click here.
Saturday, 13 Mar
Ashtanga yoga daily class ::: Harmony (Auromodele/Petite Ferme) ::: Sat ::: 8:00 AM
9th "No More Pesticides"- Exhibition ::: open field opposite Solar Kitchen (except Tuesdays) ::: Sat ::: 2:00 PM
Auroville Renaissance Cappella ::: Pitanga, Ashram, Adishakti, Notre Dame Pondy, Tibetan Pavilion ::: Sat ::: 8:00 PM
Ramayana Festival ::: Adishakti ::: Sat ::: 7:00 PM
Introduction to the Spiritual Dimension of Auroville ::: Anusuya, Aikya’s house (meeting point Solar Kitchen at 8:45 am) ::: Sat ::: 9:00 AM
AUROVILLE SATURDAY MARKET ::: front of Solar Kitchen ::: Sat ::: 9:30 AM
Photo-Graphic Exhibition "La Forêt Enchantée" ::: Pitanga ::: Sat ::: 8:00 AM 
Sunday, 14 Mar
Ashtanga yoga daily class ::: Harmony (Auromodele/Petite Ferme) ::: Sun ::: 8:00 AM
9th "No More Pesticides"- Exhibition ::: open field opposite Solar Kitchen (except Tuesdays) ::: Sun ::: 2:00 PM
International women’s celebration ::: Field outside MM Nursery gate ::: Sun ::: 10:00 AM
Auroville Sunday Walks with Martanda ::: Lumiere, starting at Dana gate ::: Sun ::: 4:00 PM
Ramayana Festival ::: Adishakti ::: Sun ::: 7:00 PM
Photo-Graphic Exhibition "La Forêt Enchantée" ::: Pitanga ::: Sun ::: 8:00 AM

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